Should You Pre-Treat Before Chemo and Radiation? And What Is Pre-Treating Anyway?


So what is this Pre-Treating I speak of? Actually it is of my own creation. I have to believe that all of us have lost someone very close to us to Cancer. Or, more likely we lost them to the chemo and radiation treatments. We lost them because their bodies no longer had an immune system capable of protecting or healing them from anything.

I started to think about what is the normal Cancer treatment protocol in this country. Basically the medical system and professionals will do 3 things once a diagnosis of Cancer is made. They will cut (surgery), radiate and administer chemotherapy to try to either control the Cancer or get rid of it.

Let me say this first. I try to keep the info and opinions I relate on my blogs to a simple level. I want anyone who takes their precious time to read my blogs to hopefully be able to understand what I am trying to get across to them. I am passionate about the fact that millions of people are dying of Cancer every year and they do not have to. Secondly, I am not a medical doctor so I cannot advise you to do or not do something a medical doctor advises are prescribes as part of a treatment plan. I CAN tell you what I would do and what I would do in conjunction with any medical treatment protocol. Only you know what’s best for you and only you can make such decisions with your medical specialists and their advice.

So let’s get back to my “Pre-Treatment” plan. What is it and why should anyone do it? If you have been given a diagnosis of Cancer you should realize that the “disease” has reached the state it is in after your body has been in a prolonged period of ‘unhealth’ and has also ingested environmental toxins during that time. By the time it is recognized and diagnosed, your body is in a highly weakened state. Whether you recognize that to be so or not, your immune system and almost always your liver have been highly compromised. The medical establishment recommends the treatments to you and it is a hard position to be put in. In this country especially the “C” word conjures up extreme fear, uncertainty and many times a depressed mental state. Urgency may be a word they throw at you and of course any time frame of starting treatments must be weighed by you in a very serious way. I am not here to tell you not to do anything. Your medical doctors know what is needed in that respect so you MUST take their advice seriously.

What would I do if diagnosed with Cancer? First and foremost I would want to bring my immune system back to a more healthy state before any chemo or radiation treatments and also before any surgery. If I would start to receive radiation, which everyone knows is dangerous, or chemo that is extremely toxic, with a weakened and compromised immune system, then I would more than likely become extremely sick and be unable to fight off other problems. It would stand to reason in my simple mind that my marvelously made body would find it very hard to be able to bring about healing as it was created to do.

I say, let’s not fight with the medical establishment about their outdated treatment protocols. Let us work in unison with them to strengthen ourselves before we undergo the devastating chemo and radiation. If nothing else, let’s undergo the “Pre-Treatment” while we are receiving such medical treatments if need be. Though in my case I would definitely “Pre-Treat” BEFORE any traditional medical protocol was started to strengthen my immune system and body. But, that would be my choice and the direction I would want to proceed in.

I would begin a vegetarian and fruit dietary intake regimen. I would definitely cut out wheat and dairy products. Coffee and all sodas would be cut from my diet. This would be easier on your body and has a benefit of bringing your body back to a more normal PH level. You can achieve this however you like. Juicing seems to be a good way to assimilate both fruits and veggies. Just make a concerted effort to increase both. Sugar is Cancers friend and my enemy at this point. Sugar feeds cancers so I would try to cut out sugar intake.

Next I would look at building my energy and feeding my body at the cellular level. There are so many wonderful foods to do this that you should research and find what you would prefer. As for myself, I would start taking Moringa daily to increase my health. If you are not familiar with the Moringa tree, it has almost one hundred different nutrients and forty-six types of antioxidant. It is called “The Miracle Tree” due to its numerous health benefits and scientists have not been able to discover any adverse side effects in adults or children. I would take the leaf powder as it can be mixed with foods and drinks. I would advise you to research this amazing tree extensively.

Next, I would order an herbal formulation called Essiac that contains Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm and Turkey Rhubarb. It is made into a tea and drank that way. I would procure that from Herbal Healer Academy in Arkansas or from The Original Essiac Company. It was discovered by a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse around 1922 from an Ojibway Indian herbalist. It was extensively researched and the results documented so much so that the Ontario government became involved in her research and documented cases. Essiac came within three votes of being legalized by the Ontario government as a treatment for terminal cancer patients in 1938. This is a nutritional supplement and not recommended as a sole treatment for any one ailment or disease. I would, on my own accord, take this daily as a healthy supplement as I believe it will help build my immune system and help bring my body into a more healthy state of homeostasis (balance). Being in a healthier state will allow my body to better heal and be in a stronger condition once the radiation and chemo would begin. After all, the stronger you are mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically the better chance you have of surviving the Cancer and even more importantly, surviving the devastating chemo and radiation.

Now I know many Nay-Sayers out there will rant and rave about this blog but remember I am not advising anyone not to go through the traditional treatments. In fact I encourage you to do so if you feel that is what you have faith in and want to do. It is your choice. I am not a medical professional. You need to listen to your doctors and take their advice and expertise very seriously in trying to treat and defeat Cancer. I am just telling you what I would do but I do believe it is time for this type of understanding to come about between the Medical Establishment and the lay person who has Cancer. We must work together to do all we can for the patient. We must work together to give the patient the best possible chance of surviving this “killer disease”. We can do that by putting forth a concentrated effort to have our bodies back to the healthiest state possible so it can help the doctors in the fight against Cancer. We can do that by “Pre-Treating” before the ravages of chemo and radiation attack our Cancer and our bodies.

There are many other possible ways to bring about a healthier immune system and stronger body that would ably fight off the ravages of Cancer and it’s harsh treatment options. The ones I wrote about are the ones I would pursue. Research on your own and just take a step towards strengthening your diseased body. You really are precious and special and you deserve the best possible chance at surviving with the least amount of suffering.

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I wish you happiness and health the natural way!!!

Daniel is an herbologist (HHA) and a Master Researcher. His interest in alternative and Holistic Healing started at the early age of 10 when his mother gave him a copy of "There Is a River" about Edgar Cayce. From that point on he has continued in his pursuit of information, education and knowledge to share.