Shedding Light on the “Organic Strawberries Not Organic” Claims


What’s all the fuss about organic strawberries not organic? Can it really be true that what you have paid for a good sum, believing that you have purchased organic fruits, were also grown using toxic fumigants?

Conventionally grown strawberries require a lot of pesticides to keep them healthy and aesthetically presentable. The pesticides used for this purpose cause harm to the soil, the farmers, and those who live near the areas where these are grown. Since the issue was brought to the attention of the public, there have been demands to condemn the use of toxic chemicals by buying organic strawberries.

This sounded good, but only before the truth about organic strawberries was exposed. In California, the biggest producer of strawberries in the US, many organic strawberries are planted in nurseries that utilize a good dose of harmful chemicals, such as methyl bromide, before the fruits are transplanted to organically managed farms.

While it is true that fewer chemicals were used in growing organic strawberries, it is alarming to know that they still contain these toxic elements. As of the moment, concerned groups are urging the USDA’s National Organic Program to be clear about the rules in planting organic strawberries.

It has to come up with something that will benefit the market and the organic strawberry growers, who admit that being strict with the use of chemicals leads to bigger financial loss.

Why is it important to buy organic strawberries?

The use of tear gas as a fumigant to pest-plagued farms was discovered in the US during World War I. The toxic chemicals do not really end up on the fruit, but they cause greater health risks.

For one, the use of these chemicals causes air contamination. People who are often exposed to it, including the farmers and those who live near the farms, are at a greater risk to suffer from various health problems, such as birth defects, respiratory disease, migraine, cancer and skin allergies. These health concerns usually result from inhaling chloropicrin, which is a common strawberry pesticide.

In California, the statewide regulations regarding the matter are being looked into in order to protect children’s health as well. The new rules hope to implement stricter restrictions in using chemicals in farms, where there are nearby schools.

Despite all the issues, it is still safer to serve your family organic strawberries than the conventionally-raised fruits. They are grown using fewer doses of toxic chemicals and are planted in ways that are safer for the farmers and residents who live near the farms. By buying the organically produced fruits, you are showing your support to the industry and to the changes that are being made to improve the law governing it.

Consumers like you need to show the farmers that you are one with them in the goal to make this a safer industry. They also have to earn their share. This way, they will be more vigilant with the use of chemicals and in following the rules about the proper ways to plant and grow organic strawberries.


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