Shaving Tips For Those With Sensitive Skin


Electric razors are designed to shave the user’s face without bringing about any hair pulling, damage, or skin irritation of any kind. Those with sensitive skin normally make the switch from a manual razor to an electric with the intent of minimizing these issues specifically. However, not all electric razors are suitable for men with sensitive skin. If you do suffer from extremely sensitive skin, then an electric shaver can work wonders. But it is important to choose the proper electric razor.

It is also extremely important to remember that no matter how effective an electric shaver, there is always going to be a “breaking in” period where your face needs to get used to the electric model. This period can be anywhere from a week to about a month. Shaving during this time is difficult and you sometimes need to go over your face with a manual razor to shave the spots the electric razor missed. The reason for this is the hairs on your face don’t all grow in the same direction. It can take some time to figure out the proper direction to shave certain parts of your face. It can also take some time for your skin to get used to the way that an electric shaver works.

Should You Make the Switch to an Electric Razor?

While both types of razors are very popular, most men feel very strongly about one type or another. If you are on the fence or thinking about switching, then check out electricshaversuk. It is a great source for comparisons of different models as well as popular brands of electric razors. The holiday season is a great time to make the switch to an electric if you are considering it, as electric razors make a great Christmas gift. They offer many advantages over a manual shaver. Here are the pros and cons of each type of razor:

Electric Razor vs Manual Razor

Electric Razor Pros:

  • Most models of electric shavers employ a pull and cut system which is designed to pull the hair away from the skin before it is cut. This results in a closer shave and decreases the amount of times the blade needs to cover the same areas. Overall this greatly reduces irritation.
  • Electric razors are very useful for the traveling man as everything is conveniently located in a small bag. They can be used in any electrical outlet and don’t require you to bring shaving cream and extra razors.
  • They also don’t require after shave or even a water source. However, as we will discuss later, these items are recommended to get the best shave.
  • Electric razors are much more versatile in trimming goatees, mustaches, sideburns, and beards.
  • If you believe the marketing hype, electric razors are much more adept at preventing nicks, cuts, scrapes, and bumps associated with irritation.

Electric Razor Cons:

  • Electric razors tend to not be as effective for those with very thick facial hair. As a general rule they do not shave as close as manual razors for these individuals. However, many innovations in newer and pricier electric models have narrowed the gap significantly.
  • Most men find electric razors to have more of a learning curve when shaving. This can lead to more strokes over the same area, especially in the beginnging. As we have discussed previously, this can lead to much more facial irritation.
  • Electric razors are obviously louder than manual razors. And many men complain of the annoying vibration in the hand over the period of time it requires to shave. Some men do not find this to be that big of a deal though.
  • Electric razors can die on you while you are right in the middle of a shave. There aren’t many issues more annoying than this one.
  • Obviously they also require batteries and are more difficult to transport.
  • Electric razors need more maintenance and cleaning than manual razors do.
  • Most quality electric razors are significantly more expensive than manual razors over the same time period. Some of this investment can be recouped if the razor is properly cleaned and cared for. After the initial purchase the price does tend to even out, however it can take a long time, and most men don’t take proper care of their electric razors.

Manual Razor Pros:

  • Manual razors shave closer than electric ones. This is pretty much a universal fact.
  • Most men start shaving with manual razors so they are used to doing so. The switch to an electric model can seem quite tedious, especially if you have been shaving with a manual razor for most of our life.
  • The blades of a manual razor are much easier to replace than they are with an electric.
  • The invention of multi-blade, disposable manual razors has virtually transformed the shaving market overnight.
  • Manual razors are definitely cheaper than electric razors in the short term and the long term. This gap is shrinking though as the price of the newer, multi-blade manual razors that keeping coming to market continues to increase.
  • It is much easier to take a manual razor with you wherever you go.

Manual Razor Cons:

  • It takes much longer to shave with a manual razor, especially after the aforementioned “breaking in” period of electrics. It takes time to warm you skin with water, lather, shave and rinse. An electric razor takes a fraction of the time.
  • Manual razor blades dull quickly and need to be replaced much more often than electric razor blades. Most experts recommend you change your blades every four or five times you shave with a manual.
  • Manual razors are much more likely to cause cuts, nicks, ingrown hairs, and razor burn, as you normally need to go over areas several times to get the closest possible shave.
  • Manual razors are not nearly as versatile as electric ones. You will always need water and shaving cream or lotion when using a manual razor.

There are obviously a ton of choices when you are searching for the best electric razor for sensitive skin. Regardless of what type of razor you choose, you can greatly improve the results of your shave and decrease any negative effects by opting for quality facial products such as a preshave wash and after shave moisturizer. Both of these products make your razor work more effective and are a must for the man with sensitive skin.

Justin Arndt
Justin Arndt is the Senior Content Editor at Lose Weight Fast.