The Sexiest Thing That You Should Put Into Your Body


Let’s talk about Sex! It is the great archetypal emotion of ecstatic bliss. Sex is there for physical reasons, pleasure, stress-reliever, exercise, curiosity and attraction. It can also be for emotional reasons, love, commitment and gratitude. We all have our “reasons” for pursuing this pleasure and procreating event.

The question now is, how can we have not only better, but also more sex, naturally?

The answer is Cordyceps Sinensis, a Medicinal Mushroom. Why? Becasue Cordyceps highly influences the release of testosterone, by increasing the blood circulation and thus making the erection sturdier and hence improving the overall lovemaking desire. This increase in desire was first noted by herders, who lived high in the mountains of Tibet. The herder’s yaks were consuming cordyceps mushrooms when they were grazing on the mountain grasses. The herders then noticed that the yaks were displaying a rise in their energy levels and vigor.


History and Cultivation

Cordyceps Sinensis, also known as “Winter Worm, Summer Grass”, is a rare and exotic medicinal mushroom that has been used for a long time in China and Tibet. For at least a thousand years according to written record. It has always been very highly regarded, but it has also been the most expensive raw herbal material in the world. This is because it only grows at high elevation in the Himalayas around Tibet and Nepal and in small border sections of India and China. The high altitude makes its collection difficult, and this rarity of Cordyceps has limited its use by the general public. The great demand and the limited supply act to drive the price up, sometimes to as much as $35,000 a pound! The scarcity and high price lead many people to try to cultivate Cordyceps like a normal farm product. But unlike the common button mushroom that we find on foods worldwide, Cordyceps proved to be extremely difficult to grow.


It was not until 1972 that the first successful Cordyceps cultivation was achieved. The first Cordyceps cultures were isolated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in that year. These strains were not isolated from Tibet, where most of the top quality Cordyceps comes from, but rather they were isolated from specimens found in Qinghai province in Central China. Originally three different strains of Cordyceps were isolated. The first three strains, named CS-1, CS-2 and CS-3, did not have the fast growth characteristics that make commercial cultivation practical. It was the fourth culture that had been isolated by this institute, named CS-4, that was hardy and fast growing. So this CS-4 strain was chosen for commercial production.


Cordyceps benefits males as well as females

This little mushroom was an expensive treat used specially by royal families in ancient days to fight erectile dysfunction and to increase male virility and stamina. But recent studies prove that Cordyceps – Libido and Erectile Function is beneficial for men as well as women who have infertility issues. It is used as a rejuvenator to get the energy levels at its peak by increasing the libido and greatly improving impotence.


There are many medications available in the market to fight erectile disfunction, but these medications can harm your body by having some very bad side effects. On the other hand, Cordyceps is free of any side effects and can be taken without any fear. As this fungus grows in the wild and unclean conditions like on caterpillar carcass, arrangements have been made to cultivate this valuable and exotic fungus in much cleaner and controlled conditions, for commercial usage. The components found in the cultured Cordyceps are far more effective than the wild ones.


Apart from being a highly effective sexual medicine, Cordyceps has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a cure-all. Chinese use it to heal lung, heart and kidney diseases, to treat fatigue, cancer, to relieve pain, to enhance overall health, and to promote longevity.


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