The Sexed Universe, Emotions and Electromagnetism


Electromagnetism Rules Everything, Human’s Emotions Included

As much as the Electric Universe Theory is currently challenging and poised to redesign mainstream (astro)physics, there is still yet another major and final sexual revolution looming…. and which is the discovery of self-love in its spiritual meaning. One’ sense of the self is unique and possesses all answers within. Flaws also are qualities, without them we cannot improve. It is when we fail to realize this that we become dependent on others’ opinions and expectations. Today the number of people consulting shrinks is absolutely staggering, and even though all couch-therapies lead to the sensitive examination of Sexuality, therapists have a little understanding – if none at all – of what is going on on a ‘cosmic dimension’ and whose effects are directly observable as its Prime Cause is ‘Electromagnetism’, without which the Universe wouldn’t hold together. Being also the Blood of the Universe, Electricity rules over every existing atom, including the very Field of the Mind as neurons electrically process emotions in a fashion that is therefore dual by nature. Why dual? Simply because there isn’t any electric current without the anodes A and B. Positive and negative charges. Magnetism is the property that allows Electricity to circulate. Comprehending why all life paths end up highlighting sexual behaviors is thus essential here as Sexuality cannot express itself without the Male and Female components. We live in a Sexed Universe, emotions are sexed by definition as much as every situation has upsides and downsides. This is not only valid for heterosexuality but homosexuality as well since even same sex relationships exhibit these very male-female interactive components.

The Electromagnetic Universe implies a Duality between the positive and negative which makes it possible for the current to flow and spread and sustain Life. That very Duality is encoded in Nature, which is why Humans have a brain with two hemispheres. The Holistic Brain is characterized by an harmonious interaction between the two sides. The brain doesn’t create Consciousness because Consciousness exists outside the brain. The brain is the ‘device’ to connect with It.

The Left Brain regulates logic, planning and authority structures, controls feelings but is also very survival oriented and therefore dominant. The Right Brain is dedicated to open ended questions, intuition, spirituality and creativity, is fluid and spontaneous and also nurturing and thus more passive. While the two sides of the brain split up tasks, they are also prompted to collaborate and remain in sync. Negatively, if either part becomes chronically dominant, the Left Brain also represents authoritarianism and rigid skepticism, all of which suppresses emotions; whereas the Right Brain represents blind belief or naivete suppressing rational thinking.

Over the last two decades, neurology has remarkably demonstrated that Consciousness exists outside the brain but has persistently been more interested in exploring the brain as a computer device. This left brained approach debases the uniqueness of the Self and can be also used to induces faulty and harmful programmings. Neural sciences as a whole have embarked on a war on the Mind to bypass and control Consciousness. Moreover and not so surprisingly, Psychiatry adds new cognitive dysfunctions yearly to its lexicon, which are in fact the symptoms of an ever increasing Body, Mind and Consciousness disconnect.

Without Dualism, Polarity Principles inherent to Electromagnetism, the Universe wouldn’t exist and neither would emotions which are therefore expressed by two psychic opposite motions: Love and Fear. Love and Fear are as equally as important to guide the human mind on the path of Infinite Awareness. It is however when Self-Love shines within that Inner Fear can be overcome. One can spend years analyzing the environment to explain a reaction but doing this achieves little if no results because one’s perception of an issue will forever remain subjective.

The comprehension of the several Natural Laws is essential since They do not only shape all forms of relationships but more importantly which with the Self. Natural Laws as demonstrated are immutable. Relationships are an extension of the Self. Emotions are holographic. Crises happen when the thinking sticks to old or rigid paradigms preventing Awareness from expanding, causing not only collective but individual history to repeat themselves. Consequences are often quite harmful. By adaptation to change it is meant coming to term with what it is that cannot be changed or finding a compromise. So when a Mind continually seeks and welcomes new approaches, it can rightfully be assumed that such a Mind is in a state of Self-Love, and of course has more Free Will. After all, the only Free Will that exists is the willingness to notice or not. Being humans also implies that perfection cannot be attained but knowing about such mechanisms, greatly improves the quality of our perceptions of the Whole and is thus enhancing inner and world peace.

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Celine Kayser. is an atypical and autodidact thinker whose background is quite eclectic. Philosophy has always been a major field of interest of hers, especially that of Jiddu Krishnamurti and Walter Russell in the more recent years and which radically influence her writings. She is a voluntaryist at heart restlessly questioning the perception of happiness, the human nature, success and deconstructs old social persistent myths explaining why current frameworks cannot be fixed. She has recently started The Earth Custodians Movement advocating for a decentralized and money-free society and currently working on the trailer. Stay tuned!