Sex After 100: Do We Really Have To Age?


My Own Health Crisis and Turning Point   

When I was a teenager, I was faced with a choice that determined the course my life would take.  My health was in major trouble and I was going downhill fast.  My body was struggling in many ways and showing serious signs of distress, but the one symptom the doctors seized on (and labeled as the cause) that they could diagnose clearly, in order to start their “treatments,” was a thyroid condition.  This was in the mid 1960’s, and just like now, the approach was, try toxic chemicals (drugs) first, keep trying stronger and more toxic ones as needed, and then if for some strange reason radiant health did not result, start cutting out organs, which should definitely do it.  This insanity is more developed now, and competition from other approaches is more severely dealt with, but it was entrenched back then too, and I was going to the best doctors, with the best credentials, the most experience, and on top of that, they were really nice guys.  So what could possibly go wrong?

The good part of going through this crisis, which did end up involving both drugs and surgery, was that it supplied a major part of my motivation to begin studying health, disease, aging and other related subjects,  including consciousness.  I dumped my dependence on the medical system (I was 15), and made a commitment to myself to find out what was really going on.  The investigation just kept leading me farther and farther down the proverbial rabbit hole, and I discovered levels to all these things far beyond what I had ever imagined could exist.

Ending The Silence

Up until very recently my plan was to keep quiet about what I had learned.  There were several reasons for this.  One was, the more I found out, the farther I got from the mainstream, commonly accepted understanding of health, disease and aging, and I had no desire to debate these things or argue with anyone.  I knew that my point of view would classify me like some kind of space alien, compared to what most people believed, and what good would it do to intrude on anyone’s beliefs with my own.  I am a fierce believer in absolute personal freedom to live as we each choose, as long as we do not damage others in our choices.  Personally my preference was peace, solitude, music, harmony and nature.  I never felt alone.

But very recently, just a few months ago, it started becoming clear that it was time to become visible again.   I figured if 99 of 100 people considered my points of view too strange, but one person could somehow benefit or be encouraged to believe in themselves and keep searching for answers, then communicating could be worth the effort.  My first invitation was to co-host a radio show primarily on chemtrails, but touching on a wide variety of connected environmental and health issues.  This show is on saturdays, noon pacific time on UCY.TV, and it’s called “geoenineering watch.”  Anyone interested is invited.  But I also started writing and speaking, and Mike Adams was kind enough to present this opportunity on Natural News.

First A Disclaimer

So I’ll tell you now what I found about health, disease and aging, and it’s an ongoing study.  I am not necessarily right about anything, so my suggestion to you is to believe in yourself, do your own exploration, and keep following the trail of what you want to know.  You have more ability to find it than all the fancy “experts” in the world, if you just follow your own guidance, common sense and logic, staying open to whatever you find to be true, and questioning everything, even what others consider to be self-evident.  What you discover in yourself and your own exploration to be true, is far more important than the opinions of others, including mine, so believe in yourself.

I pursued my search for knowledge with NO preconceptions.  I did not care at all if whatever I found out made me an outcast or a minority of one.  I did not care about belonging to any groups and wanted no labels to defend.   I knew if I took any of those on, my quest would be prejudiced.  I only wanted to learn what is true in each subject of my investigation.  What I write after this might be offensive to you if you feel it contradicts your beliefs, religious or otherwise.  If that is the case, please feel free to read something else instead.  I am not out to disturb or insult anyone, and want you to believe, think and do what your own inner knowing tells you is right.  But for those who are open to it, I will tell you some of what I found, in case it might help you in some way.

The Levels Of Nutrition

Food has a central role in health, aging, and disease.  There’s no way around it for most of us.  I say most, because there are a very few individuals with such a developed consciousness that they can eat poison and thrive indefinitely.  But most of us will never be like that in this lifetime.  I have found that our bodies are not only very sensitive and maintained by an incredible intelligence in every cell, they are actually conscious.  In fact, there are a multitude of overlays of consciousness involved.  Each cell consciously pursues its functions in life, eating, eliminating waste products, working, reproducing, etc.  Each organ likewise has a driving life force and does everything it can to protect and maintain itself.  The body overall also has its own awareness, and is incredibly sensitive to its environment, which includes everything we put in it and on it (cosmetic ingredients penetrate the skin and enter your blood stream), the atmosphere we expose it to, electromagnetic and industrial varieties of smog we make it breathe.  Every thought and emotion we let in to our awareness, even at subconscious levels, also has an instantaneous effect on our blood chemistry and every atom and cell in our bodies.   So the idea that we can just think some thought, indulge some emotion, eat some food, drink or breathe something and it will not really affect us is simply not true.  We are affected by EVERYTHING, and we also affect EVERYTHING, including all other people.  Everywhere.  More about this when we talk about consciousness.

On the level of food choices, it means if we want the best results in terms of health, we need to understand and respect what the body is designed for.  The body has certain requirements, and it is not impressed with what our habits might be, or what our culture says is good or bad for us.  It knows better, and instantly recognizes whatever we feed it as ideal, damaging, or somewhere in between.  “Organic” food is the bare minimum of what the body needs.  As Mike Adams and many of his writers have often pointed out, organic food may contain heavy metals or other contaminants, and it is usually grown on demineralized soils.  But at least it does not have added poisons in the form of organic fertilizers (disastrous for the soil life that feeds the plant), pesticides, herbicides or poisonous processing ingredients, and it is not genetically modified.  To be honest and clear and respectful of our bodies, we have to acknowledge that nothing with GMO ingredients, grown or treated with chemical poisons is edible at all.  If you are unclear about this, go on youtube and listen to some of the talks by Jeffrey Smith.  For myself, I would rather not eat than eat any of these things, because I fully understand what they are., and what they do.  I have gotten to the point that I won’t knowingly eat poisons no matter how good they might taste.  I need my body at top function and not subject to sickness, disease or aging, so against these things, the “good” taste of inferior food loses every time.  The more clearly you see your priorities, the more likely you will achieve them, including doing what you need to do to stay healthy.

Soil Minerals

So the body needs exclusively organic food, in order to maintain maximum health, youthful energy and immune function.  But it would be a lot better if this food were also grown on soil with the proper level of minerals.  This is actually hard to find in the particular geological age we are living in, since we are now near the end of an interglacial period, and soils tend to be lacking in most of the required minerals.  The ice age cycle is one of the fascinating cycles in nature, and one of the things the ice ages accomplish is to replenish the finely ground soil minerals, which boosts the plant life, increases atmospheric oxygen, ties up much more carbon, and sets the stage for our own super health.  A lot of the same effect can be achieved in your own garden by the use of very finely ground rock dust.  The best sources are rocks with a wide spectrum of minerals, like river gravel.  If you find a rock crushing plant, often they will be crushing rocks down to gravel size, and the dust you need for soil improvement is a waste product to them, and therefore very cheap to buy.  You can mix several kinds to get a wider variety of minerals.  It lasts a long time in the soil.  I don’t know the ideal amount to use, so you’ll have to experiment for your soil.  This super mineralization used to be the norm worldwide about 12,000 years ago.  If it were applied now large scale, it would positively affect the whole planetary environment, including the weather.  If you can’t grow your own food, farmers’ markets sometimes have organic produce grown on pretty good soil, and it’s the next best thing to doing it yourself.

The Truth About Raw Food

OK, so beyond eating strictly organic food (certification is irrelevant if you can verify how it was grown), I have to tell you one more thing.  From what I have seen in my own experiments over the last many decades, the human body was actually designed to eat raw food only.  I’m really sorry to have to tell you that.  I fully appreciate how much we have all gotten to love the taste of cooked foods.  I was definitely into it so much I grew up overeating all kinds of junk food but also good cooked foods, because I loved the taste so much.  I would just eat as much as possible.  Whole cultures have been built around ways of cooking.  If you just eat organic, whole foods and drop the packaged junk, even if you are cooking most of it, you will still get massive benefits.  But I am giving you this information in case you want to look into it yourself, and we are talking about super health here.  Raw food has more nutrition in it.  Heat above about 110-115F kills enzymes and can change proteins and other delicate nutrients.  The body does not recognize cooked food as its normal nutrition.  In fact, it sees it at least partly as an enemy invader, and sends armies of white blood cells to deal with the invasion at every meal (called “leukocytosis”).  Fresh, organic raw foods cause no such reaction.

Since it is so hard emotionally for most people to stop eating cooked food, and since your feeling of emotional stability is also important for your health, I would say for most people, just to get rid of the junk food, the soft drinks, the chemical sweeteners, etc. and start eating just fresh organic food, even if it mostly cooked, the benefits would be spectacular.  Just start adding some raw nutrition to your diet, along with the fresh organic cooked foods you like.  The easiest way to do this is to get a good juicer (slow speed ones protect the nutrients the best, but any juicer is good) start making fresh organic vegetable juices every day.  This is for most people, who are not dealing with a life-threatening disease, and they can just very gradually add more raw foods and more fresh juice.

But for those in crisis, battling severe chronic disease, cancer, etc., my experience is that it is necessary to jump all the way to the other end of the scale.  This means fasting and juice fasting with detoxification and frequent colon hydrotherapy, proper use of sunlight, fresh air, water, grounding to the Earth, and positive mental and emotional pattern re-training, followed by re-introduction of improved raw nutrition.  I have seen  these things do what appear to be miraculous healing.  If you want to see how this was taught and done thousands of years ago, I would recommend a document called The Essene Gospel of Peace, Volume 1, translated directly from the original Aramaic and Hebrew.  I first discovered and began studying and experimenting with this book about 1970, and have worked with it since that time, getting into deeper levels.  Someone actually spent the time to type the entire booklet into a pdf, which is now available on the internet at, so you can get it and read it for free if you want to.  Be aware, however, that conditions on this planet have radically deteriorated since this document was written, and some of its recommendations have to be altered for present day use.  Water fasting, for example, is too dangerous for many people now, in their weakened and very toxic condition.  But most of them can do juice fasting, if they observe the colon cleansing requirements so the toxins being released in the juice fasting get out of the body quickly.  In my experience, using detox and cleansing procedures like this followed by improved organic raw nutrition,  can start to reverse what we have learned to call “aging.”  This is very powerful if done right.

A Word About Raw Vegan Diet     I spent many years experimenting with the raw vegan diet because it appealed to me from a moral point of view, not to have to use animals or interrupt their normal lives.  I did get to a point in my experimentation with consciousness, where I could no longer eat animals in any form.  This was not because of health concerns, it was because I became able to communicate more deeply with animals on a telepathic level.  Once this happened, eating them or even hurting them in any way was completely out of the question.  I became aware of their beauty as conscious beings, and I was quite sure they would vote against being eaten or abused.  For me at that point, it would have been like killing and eating a beloved pet.  No, thank you, I would wait as long as necessary, for more humane food.  “Humanely killed” is a ridiculous oxymoron, designed to make the killer feel like it’s OK to do.  I understood the massive nutritional superiority of raw food, but I saw raw vegans having a lot of trouble long term.  The small minority like Matt Monarch, whom I appreciate and deeply respect, maybe able to do alright, but even Matt admits that’s not a path for most people.  Hippocrates Health Institute uses exclusively cleansing, detox and then 100% raw organic food as part of its healing protocol for patients, even with terminal diseases, and the results are extremely good.  But again long term, most of the people go back to some percentage of cooked food, since according to directions from Hippocrates, they are to stay 100% vegan.  My personal solution of how to stay 100% raw, and maintain muscle mass, energy, body heat, physical endurance and emotional stability (the weak areas for most long term raw vegans) came in a different way.  The Essene Gospel of Peace recommended an all raw diet including not only the vegan foods but also fresh raw milk and “bread,” made by drying crushed sprouted grain in the sun and making it into wafers like the Hebrews did on the way out of Egypt.  For me this did the trick and provided the stability, strength and energy I could not get with the usual raw vegan fare alone.  Since that discovery, I have added some super foods and tonic herbs that I consume every day as my form of 100% plant-derived “supplements.”  By the way, pasteurized, factory produced milk, is an incredibly destructive food for one’s health.  But organic, raw milk from cows treated with love and not abused, is, from my experience so far, a super health food, with an abundance of nutrition including healthy fats (correct ratio of EFA’s), proteins, enzymes, etc.  Plus it has the U.S.  government seal of approval.  What do you imagine all those swat team raids and FDA harassment directed at raw milk farmers and their supporters mean?  Do you think that would happen to any but the absolute best of health foods?

A New Way To Understand Health

What I like so much about the Essene Gospel of Peace (first volume) is that it introduces us to an entirely new way to understand health, along with the practical means to achieve it.  Incorporating the deep understanding talked about in this book is the most powerful means I have found to reverse the aging we have brought upon ourselves with a multitude of mistakes in lifestyle we never understood we were making.   This book introduces us to the consciousness and forces permeating all of nature, including our own bodies, and how to work in harmony with them.  Cleansing and detox can gradually remove the residues of our previous mistakes from the cells, along with the disease that goes with them, and then the rebuilding process can structure the body in a better way.  I have worked and played with this for almost 50 years now.  There is no way I can say it will work for everyone, as we are all dealing with very different personal histories and practically infinite variables of all kinds in our lives.  But I think our structures have a lot in common, and I have seen many people cure incurable diseases and extend their lives using these techniques.

So Are You Going To Talk About Sex Or Not?

OK, so back to the “sex past 100” idea and whether we have to age. Yes, I will talk about it, but maybe in a different way than you expected.  The sexual charge in our body is a result of strong life force.  It affects everything, far beyond just sex per se.  It is like an alive electrical field that crackles around our bodies, and keeps us bright and alert, enthusiastic to go on to our next adventure.  It gives us insight and inspiration, and makes us more able to contribute to others around us and to planet Earth, and more energy to pursue our life goals and our own learning.  It is the creative force of life.  Physically it depends on many things including the correct balance of hormones in our blood stream.  I have found that hormone balances gradually return to normal when we detoxify the body, and then give it the real nutrition it needs, coupled with changing our every day thoughts and emotions.  Your mind begins to work more and more like new, a fog gets lifted when the toxins in your bloodstream are replaced by living nutrients, because your brain depends on the same bloodstream as the rest of your body.  Experiencing this can change your life.  The junk foods, and even the eating out of habit when you don’t need to, just start to fade into unimportance.  Instead you get super excited about life, and what you want to do with it.  Your imagination starts to run past its old boundaries.  It’s pretty exciting.  You can start out feeling old and foolish, and end up much more young and wise.  You will die when it is time to move on to your next adventure.  You can have good health right up to that moment, it is not necessary that your body falls apart in order for you to leave.

And since I did promise (well, kind of promise, by mentioning it in the title) to say something about sex, I promise I will get to that.  But it’s not the x-rated racy story you might have been waiting for, about how you can get physiologically younger and have all kinds of new conquests, sleeping with a new partner every night and never even slowing down.  No, remember, I said you might become young and wise, not young and stupid all over again.  Ultimately, after all the dietary, cleansing, and other physically therapeutic modalities have helped you, after you have learned about the benefits of direct sunlight on your skin (no sunscreen except some moisture holding raw virgin coconut oil) and in your eyes (read John Ott’s “Health and Light” about the effects of light), after you have learned about grounding and how to use enemas, and how to maintain positive mental and emotional patterns, and a bunch of other things I probably forgot to mention, the end result of all of it and how far you can take it, comes down to consciousness.  You have to go inside yourself, become aware of where you are putting your attention, and begin to keep it where you can absorb the energy you need.  The best place to put it is on love.  Remember that just like your food feeds your body, your thoughts feed your mind, and your emotions feed your heart.  They are all choices between healthy food and junk food on all these levels.

But there are so many levels and types of love (I mean, we can even love junk food, right?).  The one I am talking about as a suggested diet for your mind and heart, if you are serious about real healing, and about becoming younger and ultimately ageless, is the kind where you sincerely wish everyone well, because you realize when you strip away all of the programming each of us has bought into over our lifetimes and taken on as superficial identities, we are all connected at deep levels.  Then you begin to see we are all one family, literally.  Then ultimately you find out we are one being, one all inclusive consciousness.  This is why you have great power in what you think towards others, and toward yourself.  I mean that, great power.  Try it.  Think something kind about yourself.  Do it again.  And again.  Learn to do it constantly, toward yourself and toward ALL others.  It doesn’t matter if they are “good” or “bad,” that’s just the superficial part they are playing out.  If you just think about killing the bad guys, it is still the energy of killing, not healing, and you can’t have both.  You do what you have to, even if some day you have to use deadly force in defense of innocent life (including your own).  But even then, never let go of your connection to universal love, never let your energy level fall to that of destruction, lest it destroy also your self and those you care about.  Joan Baez sang a song, “There But For Fortune.”  That bad man or woman we see could just as easily be us (playing that part) as them.  Realize this, and you won’t have hatred for anyone, but will keep sending them love in your thoughts, so that some day, maybe even soon, they might wake up.

This is so much more powerful than fighting them, there is no comparison   And I say this as a former fighter myself, having spent decades in martial arts.  So just try it.  This constant practice of sending REAL and sincere thoughts of love to absolutely everyone is worthy of your life’s work, whatever else you may be doing at the same time.  If you are brave enough to do it, and not stop, you will heal your world and yourself at the same time.

If you want to get younger, healthier, and help yourself wake up and remember the incredible being you are,  you can apply this everywhere, starting now.  Even in sex, you can avoid incredible heartaches by changing your focus.  Have intimacy and love with your partner’s SOUL, their inner self.  Love for their body will only get deeper, the love and excitement will not fade with time, like they would if you keep thinking sex is only about bodies.  Too often we tie our sexual interest only to appearances, not to the person inside, and both men and women do this.  It becomes a recipe for failed and unsatisfying relationships, no matter how many of them we have.  Here’s my bottom line recipe for sex past 100: fix your health, and then change focus and make sex be between souls, but through the body as a means to reach the soul.  Be as deeply interested in the real person inside as you can, find out everything about your partner and what they care about, send them silent thoughts of love and wishes for their happiness and success in everything all day long.  Then your sex with them becomes a 24 hour a day affair.

Ultimately there are even subtle energy patterns you can learn to control, to change physical sex from tiring to super exhilarating all the way down to the soul level.  The best detailed instruction for how to do this totally amazing practice that I have ever seen is contained in the book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek (paperback, volumes 1 & 2).  It is heavy duty reading that you cannot do in a rush, but there are life changing jewels inside.

Meditation, getting to know yourself and practicing silently wishing everyone well with all your heart energizes  sex, but it also affects your health, it affects your whole life.  It sounds simple, but it is worth your lifelong attention starting now.  Do you want to overcome aging and disease, and discover what you can really achieve?  Where you put your attention from this moment on, will tell the real story of how far you go.  I have given you the some clues here to start.

Richard Sacks