Sesame Oil For Oral Thrush


A recent study published by Japanese researchers shows that sesame oil was effective against oral thrush (Candida albicans). In the study, the researchers compared sesame oil against olive  and safflower oils. All oils were effective at inhibiting the growth of both the mycelial and yeast forms of C. albicans, but sesame oil was the most effective. The effectiveness of sesame oil increased as the quantity of sesame oil increased. Roasted sesame oil was more effective than the non-roasted forms. The researchers believe that “the sesamin and fatty acid components of sesame oil are involved in its antifungal activity.”

A practical limitation of the study is that the candida isolates were essentially soaked in the sesame oil for 24 hours, which someone with oil thrush would not be able to do. A next best approach would be to use sesame oil repeatedly throughout the day. This could be done via a processing called oil pulling, whereby the sesame oil is swished around the mouth for approximately 20 minutes, then spit out. Since the oil only inhibited the growth of both the problematic fungal form of candida, ceasing it’s use may lead to a reappearance of the thrush condition. It is possible that the oil itself could eliminate the problem, or that the oil pulling done along with a systemic approach (Dr. McCombs’ Candida Plan) of correcting the fungal form of candida back to its normal yeast form would be more more effective.

A person could also combine sesame oil with antifungal essential oils like oregano, tea tree, peppermint, cinnamon, clove, rosemary, thyme, and others that have demonstrated the ability to inhibit candida. When using essential oils, one would use 1-2 drops of one or several essential oils along with  a tablespoon of the sesame oil. Mix those together and swish around the mouth for 20 minutes. More about the benefits of oil pulling can be found here –

Dr. Jeffrey S. McCombs, DC, is a third generation graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic (1984). Dr. McCombs developed The Candida Plan which is a detoxification and dietary plan that counters the detrimental effects of antibiotics and reestablishes the normal body flora, detoxification pathways, and regeneration cycles of a vital, youthful, and healthy body. His 29 years of ongoing research and practice emphasizes addressing the nutritional, environmental, emotional, structural, and biochemical aspects of acute and chronic health conditions in his patients.

Jeff McCombs