Serious Superfood: Avocados Can Balance Hormones, Boost Metabolism, and Fight Disease


The avocado tree is native to Central Mexico and belongs to the same family as cinnamon and bay laurel. Avocado is also known as alligator pear because its shape and the leather like appearance of the skin resembles an alligator’s.

Nutritional Value Of Avocado

It has more potassium than bananas, is rich in Bcomplex and vitamins A, E and K.

The fiber content is high with 75% insoluble and 25% soluble fiber. The insoluble fiber cleans the bowels and prevents constipation. The soluble fiber keep one full and prevents over eating, delays hunger.It is extremely rich in iron, copper, magnesium, manganese and potassium. Along with a high tannin content it is extremely rich in many polyphenolic antioxidants like lutein, zeaxanthin, carotenes and cryptoxanthin.

7 Health benefits of Avocado

Boost Immune System

Avocado Seeds boost your immune system and keep you from coming down with debilitating diseases. Keeping your immune system high, because antioxidants keep free radicals at bay… and slows the aging process. Avocado Seeds seems to have a good anti-inflammatory ability and thus helps with arthritis and other joint diseases.

Anti-Inflammatory properties

Phytonutrient compound found in avocados, such as polyphenols and flavonoids have been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, thereby reducing the risk of inflammatory and degenerative disorders.

Reduce strokes risk

The high levels of folate in avocados may also protect against stroke. A study has shown that individuals who ate a diet rich in folate had a lower risk of stroke than those who did not.

Anti-aging properties

Being rich in antioxidants, avocado is beneficial in preventing aging symptoms. The glutathione in avocado may boosts immune systems, slows aging process, and encourages a healthy nervous system.


Avocado Seeds have more antioxidants than most fruits and veggies on the market and polyphenols like green tea, plus they are full of more soluble fiber than just about any other food. In fact Avocado Seed has 70% of the antioxidants found in the whole Avocado, and Avocado Seed Oil is also full of antioxidants, lowers cholesterol, and helps fight off disease.

Weight management

But avocados are high in fats, you say. How could they possibly be an aid to weight management? Well, while it may be true that avocados are rich in fats, these are mainly of the monounsaturated (i.e. healthy) variety. These fats provide the body with a source of slow-release energy. In addition to this, avocados are also a good source of soluble fibre (which slows down the breakdown of carbs) and protein, both of which help you feel satisfied for longer (and so less likely to raid the fridge for snacks!).

Fight against free radicals

Avocados are able to penetrate deeply inside our cell structures, enter the mitochondria and activate its energy production, allowing cells to function properly even while being constantly attacked by free radicals.   The mitochondria plays a very important role in the fight against free radicals.  Mitochondria are central components of our cells that produce the majority of a cells energy from nutrients.



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