How to Select the Best Android Tablet


In the era of tablets and smartphones, Android has managed to create its identity. All the android devices are known for their user-friendliness and the interface, the price of the games and apps is quite reasonable as well. In fact, most of these apps were already a part of several smartphones but they were expensive and that’s why not everyone was able to afford it. The introduction of Android and smartphones in the market, this entire range of apps and games became more accessible.

Android tablets have an edge over other tablets present in the market; these are powered with one of the most powerful operating systems. The reliability and the powerful features incorporated by Android are the reason why most of the automobile manufacturers are also showing their increasing interest in it so that their customers can be engaged in something useful and relevant.

It is also a well-acknowledged fact that a whole new range of tablets has been bombarded in the digital market. A lot of apps and games have been in the limelight for a long time now, Some apps promote social interaction whereas some apps are to promote antisocialism but all of these apps have their own customer base. These options can certainly give a huge dilemma to people so in order to make it easier for everyone to invest in an Android tablet, below are some factors to bear in mind before deciding to invest in an Android tablet.

  1. Budget?

The cost of an Android tablet and your pocket value is probably the first question which comes in your mind when you’re about to make a buying decision. The cost of an Android tablet depends on the version of the operating system in it and the features as well. Multiple factors which contribute to the retail price include operating system, size, design and the features. While small tablets are usually cheap in price than the bigger ones but it solely depends on the user’s requirements and budget.

  1. Size of the tablet

 After determining the purpose of investing in an Android tablet, the next step is to decide the size of the tablet. Android-powered tablets are available in different sizes. One of the most advantageous fact about a tablet is that it is quite handy, the sleek design and smart built of a tablet; what makes them easy to carry and maintain. Laptops are huge in size which is one of the major factors of people switching to tablets. 7 inches tablets from Android are way cheaper than many other tablets available in the market, but if anyhow your purpose is to play games then the right choice would be a 10-inch tablet.

  1. Purpose of the tablet

Huge variety of tablets is available in the market that contains the Android platform. These range from utility tablets for elders to the user-friendly and educative tablets helpful for kids. Kid’s safe tablet is specially designed for kids so that they can be assisted in various educative programs that are really helpful for growing kids and their knowledge about different things. It can also be used for playing puzzle games which enhance your power of thinking. Also, the big and smart tablets are for adults and grownups and are also efficient as a full-fledged laptop. By providing your child with kid’s safe tablet it can reduce the risk of wear and tear which kids often leave on their parent’s tablets, so firstly determine the purpose of your decision of investing in an Android tablet.

  1. The Manufacturer

The hype of Android tablets in the market is really high these days. There are few powerful tablet manufacturers in the digital industry these days, the dilemma arises because each of these tablets is worth buying whether because of its design or operating systems. Few brands have created oligopoly and managed to emerge as a significant supplier of Android tablets in the world. It may not be that difficult to choose between these ones, the reason being that these manufacturers have additional features and specifications that you expect in your tablet.