The Secrets of Weight Management after Dieting


It’ is quite common for dieters to face some challenges in their course in weight loss. However, detailed studies have shown that it is possible to shed weight and prevent a regain. It’s a great accomplishment to reach your weight loss goals and you deserve the best present ever. Now that you stand a better chance of preventing health complications that come with being overweight, you should come up with some skills to manage your weight for the rest of your life.

Here are some secrets you should follow to better manage your weight after months of dieting:

Carry on with Exercises

Studies have shown that exercises are important in keeping your weight under control. Researches indicate that successful weight losers who maintain healthy weight tend to engage in regular workouts for a minimum of 5 hours every week. In order to lose weight and keep it off, health experts recommend at least 30 minutes of aerobic workouts combined with strength training twice a week. This is in reference to Jim White, RD, a registered dietician and national spokesman for the American Dietetic Association. Compose your exercise into segments of 30-minute sessions every day.

Write Down Your Meals

Health experts recommend that you should write down your entire foods intake every day. This will help you determine if you are doing well and alert you in case you need to make some adjustments. Nutritionists concur that noting down your calorie intake is a great way to keep track of your diet. It will be easier to notice where you are making mistakes if you realize that you are regaining weight.

Constantly Weigh Yourself

How would you notice an unhealthy trend in weight gain anyway? It is recommendable to get on the scale on a weekly basis in an effort to easily identify whether you are losing, maintaining or gaining weight. This will enable you to make necessary changes to maintain or cut down your weight. An increase in weight should be a clear call that you need to increase your workouts or cut down calories from your dishes. It is common for women to notice fluctuations in weight during the menstrual periods. However, if you notice an increase of more than 5 pounds, it will be an emergency call for action.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

According to the National Weight Control Registry, which monitors more than 3,000 Americans who lost more than 60 pounds and managed to maintain for six years, eating breakfast is an important step towards preventing a regain. A healthy breakfast will ward off cravings for unhealthy food choices for the better part of the day. Consider adding more protein and fiber during the breakfast which extends satiety feeling until lunchtime. Some health experts recommend inclusion of 2 eggs at every breakfast for 6 days per week.

Stay Inspired

The fact that you have lost weight is a great achievement to keep you inspired to live a healthy better life. It deserves a reward like going for a special date, party or other social events. You can also buy yourself a gift that will keep on reminding that you have in deed worn a life-worth battle. Some people even make trips to reward their weight loss achievement. Anything that is self-fulfilling other than food is a great way to keep you motivated in maintaining a healthy.

Be Responsible

Remember it’s your duty to ensure that you don’t regain the lost pounds. Look for other people who are struggling not to regain weight. Exchange ideas and tips that can be helpful in keeping off the extra pounds. You can even attend weight loss seminars or log in to social sites that inspire healthy habits for weight loss. Contribute to helping others who are struggling to lose weight as well. It feels rewarding and helps you keep in control of your weight while serving as a role model.

Stay Committed

Now that you have reached your target weight, it is important to understand that the battle is not yet over. Any slight mistake can have serious complications. To maintain a healthy weight, it calls the need to make permanent lifestyle changes. It is the right time to commit yourself for the rest of your life in assurance that you will never fall in to temptations of unhealthy diets. This shouldn’t limit you to parties or other social events. However, be always in the right mind to watch out what you consume in such cases.


You can lose weight. You can maintain a healthy weight if you stick to the above secrets. You will definitely face some ups and downs despite having lost weight. Being in sober mind, watching your diet and monitoring any changes in weight are the most important steps you can take in the future. Don’t undermine exercises as long as you want to maintain a healthy weight. Exercises help burn calories you consume each day. You thus need to burn all the calories you consume every day for a healthy weight.

Source: Consumer Health Digest Weight Loss Center

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