Secret Remedy to Wellness, Weight Loss and Diabetes – 6 Reasons to Increase Your Fiber Intake


We always hear medicinal experts say we should increase our fiber intake to improve digestion and keep our intestines running smoothly, but they hardly ever discuss the other benefits that go along with adding more dietary fiber to your diet.

Reasons to Increase Your Fiber Intake

Improves Insulin Sensitivities

Studies show that consuming a diet rich in fiber is linked to the reduction of biomarkers that are needed for insulin resistance. This is because fiber has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, which reduces blood levels of C- reactive protein that causes systemic inflammation within the body. In addition, when fiber breaks down in the digestive tract it has the ability to inhibit the breakdown of fat that the body stores and turns it into free fatty acids, which are necessary for creating insulin resistance in the skeletal muscles of the body. With all that being said, the bottom line is increasing fiber improves insulin sensitivities in individuals drastically. (source)

Balances Glucose Levels

Eating a diet high in soluble fiber helps slow down the digestive process, which means any carbohydrates we eat during a meal is broken down slowly and released into the bloodstream at a slower pace, which helps keep balance in glucose levels so less stress is placed on the glucose metabolism process. This means the metabolism system will be able to function the way it supposes to so you are not experiencing hunger sensations when you are not necessary hungry. This also means you will be able to maintain a healthier body weight and mass a lot easier.

Helps the Liver Manufacture less Glucose

Consuming more fiber on a daily basis also helps the liver manufacture less glucose, which also helps prevent insulin resistance within the body. When glucose levels in the liver are unbalanced others systems in the body begin to suffer creating more insulin resistance issues.

The Stomach Stays Fuller Longer

Eating a diet higher in fiber helps keep your body feeling fuller for longer amounts of time. This results in less snacking and balance glucose levels. It also results in weight loss and keeps the hormones balanced. Anytime the body is experiencing constant hunger issues it is because the hormones are unbalanced and
glucose levels are not where they are supposed to be. This can cause moodiness, cravings for high sugary and salty foods as well as depression. (source)

Allows the Gut to Consume More Calories

Trying to lose weight is difficult at times, but if you increase your fiber intake, the fiber will help aid in weight loss by changing the beneficial bacteria in your gut. When the beneficial bacteria in your gut increases the calories you eat help feed it so it grows, which means less calories the body is consuming causing the unnecessary weight gain and a much healthier digestive system for you. Most importantly, losing the unwanted weight will be less of a challenge.

Fiber Treats, Reverses and May Rid Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that affects blood sugar levels within the body. Having a fiber rich diet not only helps stabilize blood sugar levels, but also may even help reverse and rid diabetes. Adding more fiber rich foods also helps keep your stomach fuller longer, which prevents the need for snacking, which can sometimes cause unstable blood sugar levels.

End Notes

With all these outstanding benefits, that fiber can provide it should be necessary in your every day diet. After all, between 25 and 35 grams of fiber (source), each day is important to keep the body healthy and the systems of the body functioning the way they are suppose to be.

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