Scientific Studies Have Found that Cervical Cancers Aren’t Even Caused by the HPV Virus


Peter Duesberg, a professor of molecular biology at University of California, Berkeley, explains that scientific studies have found that cervical cancers aren’t even caused by the HPV virus, despite what vaccine manufacturer’s claim.

“The (HPV) vaccine should be stopped until it’s proved that it protects against cancer… It has the highest number of side-effects ever of any vaccine.

In the US, it has more side-effects reported than all other vaccines combined. Since there is no scientific evidence that it will do anything else than occasionally cause warts, which will be eliminated by the immune system, there is no need for vaccination against this virus.”

“HPV doesn’t replicate in cancer cells. These are like ‘fossils’ of the HPV which are still in some cells. They can be from an infection decades prior to the cancer. When people first get infected in their 20’s and it sometimes causes warts. Once the immune system knocks them out, it leaves behind ‘fossils’ of their own DNA and the cells will replicate.

There is no causal relationship between HPV and cancer. If the microbe is there in any case then it’s what’s called a passenger molecule, something that happens to be there and has no role. It does nothing. It’s there; it’s a ‘fossil’ It’s a fragment. It cannot make RNA. It cannot make proteins. It cannot be found in a tumor or any tumor cells, no way.

Since there is no scientific evidence that it would do anything else but occasionally cause warts which will be eliminated by the immune system, there is no need for vaccination against this virus. Of course it should be stopped (the HPV vaccine) until they have proof that it protects against cancer. Considering not only the cost but the enormous, highest side effects ever of any vaccine…they say in the US the side effects are more than all other vaccines combined”

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