Scientific Evidence Supporting Psychic Abilities


Many experts seem to think that the power of intuition or psychic ability is something that we all possess right from birth. John Holland from Heal Your Life, for instance, suggests that it is a way in which our soul communicates with us. According to him, the ability is not limited to people who dedicate their lives to studying or meditating. Psychic abilities are not about fortune telling, crystal balls and predictions. These known psychic abilities, he says, are simply a way of being. Intuitive abilities are a way of communication of the soul.

People seem to be strongly opinionated when it comes to believing in the paranormal or extraordinary abilities. Even the scientific community is strongly divided between a fraction that believes in them and a fraction that considers it a hoax. It’s not like there hasn’t been studies done or that there’s no evidence of such phenomenon. There are actually many studies that have been conducted on this topic and the results are interesting, to say the least. However, such studies are difficult to find and even with some intriguing results, the majority of the scientific community seems to still be in disbelief.

If you want to find the scientific evidence, there are plenty of studies out there. But again, they aren’t easy to find. Various web-based resources provide information regarding the scientific research and results in psychic abilities and the power of intuition. These studies are done by some of the brightest minds in the world in some of the most reputed educational institutions and Universities. Here are some examples to prove the point.

Studies at the prestigious Cornell University

An interesting study by Daryl Bem of Cornell University, conducted over a period of eight years, was concluded in 2010. The study involved 1000 undergraduate students from the university, and the results were overwhelmingly positive for the existence of psychic abilities. This was on the subject of pre-cognition. The researchers applied a unique approach to studying the effect of individual’s physiology to “predict” future events regardless of the state of consciousness or awareness of the person. The study found that there is enough evidence to conclude that the power of intuition is real.

Not only that, but Bem also realized the results of his studies re-affirm the theories of quantum physics. Out of the nine experiments, he conducted, eight found substantial evidence that psychic phenomenon is real. The chance of these results being just a fluke are minuscule, he concluded it to be about at about 1 in 74 Billion.

At the end of the 8-year study, Professor Darryl Bam concluded that there was a substantial evidence of humans being able to predict and anticipate future events. The results of this study were published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 2011. According to this research, there is ample scientific evidence that humans do possess psychic abilities.

Studies at the University of London

One of the most interesting studies on psychic abilities is being carried out at the London University by The Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit (APRU) of the Department of Psychology. The study involves gathering evidence of mobile telepathy. It’s a unique phenomenon in which there are instances where some individuals receive a phone call from people they just thought about. With this study, the APRU hopes to uncover the truth about this phenomenon that is supposedly experienced by millions of individuals all across the world.

Veronica Davis