Scar Cream Reviews: Best Scar Fade Creams For Kids


Like most any parent, before I put something on my kid’s skin or in his body, I do my research.

My 6-year old son had fallen at a pool and had gotten a pretty nasty cut on his chin when he hit the concrete. Immediately after it happened, my husband (who is a fire fighter/paramedic) cleaned up the wound and put DermaBond on it.

This triage was great to seal the wound and stop the bleeding, but unfortunately, my son’s formerly perfect little chin now has a scar from the accident.

So I decided to look on the Web for some scar cream reviews — scar creams that may be ‘kid friendly’ — creams that can be used on a child’s sensitive skin; creams that were easy-to-use; and creams that may even have some before and after pics illustrating positive results on children.

Since I couldn’t really find articles on scar creams for kids, I decided to compile my own list.  Here’s what I found out in no particular order…

Scar Zone. This product popped up a lot in my search results so I thought I’d check it out. The website mentions that most people experience results in 90 days. The product claims to “Reduce the appearance of scars. Helps smooth and soften raised scars. Helps appearance of discolored scars.” They guarantee results if you’re not satisfied with results. If you mail the unused portion along with original receipt and UPC code,in 6-8 weeks you’re supposed to receive a refund of the purchase price. The active ingredients are Dimethicone (skin protectant), Octinoxate (sunscreen) and Zinc oxide (sunscreen). Scar Zone, like Mederma For Kids, is available in most stores and their website lists where you can purchase the product nationwide. They have a brief Q&A on their website along with a contact phone number. The site, however, does not mention the use of the product on children.There are also testimonials on the website, but no before or after photos.

Mederma For Kids. Mederma is a well-known name and has a scar fading gel just for kids between the ages of 2 and 12. According to Mederma, it’s a safe, non-toxic product but may cause skin irritation to those with sensitive skin. Mederma advises that if swelling, scar discoloration, or severe itching occur, that individuals should stop using the product. It contains Cepalin®, a proprietary botanical extract that, according to the Mederma for Kids website, “…helps scars appear softer, smoother, and less noticeable”. This pertains to scars from “cuts, scrapes, stitches, burns, bug bites, and surgery.” Mederma mentions a refund if you’re not satisfied after 8 weeks of treatment. The website gives directions on how to use the product, clinical information, FAQs and user ratings… but I couldn’t find any before and after pics.

Scarology: The Ultimate Scar System. Unlike the other products, Scarology is more of a system, rather than just a standalone cream or gel. According to the website, Scarology was developed by a husband and wife physician team (one a plastic and reconstructive surgery in the face and neck, the other a pediatrician) with combined medical experience of at least 20 years. (This was a nice surprise). The website claims the product is “designed to help improve the appearance of scarred skin due to wounds, burns, keloids, acne, surgery” as well as “can be used on any skin type and on any scar once the skin has completely healed from the initial injury. Whether you have a new scar, old scar, or stretch marks.” There are 3 steps in the Scarology scar fading kit including fruit exfoliator, scar cream and silicone scar sheets. This 3-part system seems comprehensive and makes sense. First, exfoliating the skin and prepping the skin for better absorption of the scar cream. Then, an innovative cream that according to the website, contains ingredients that have been shown to “boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and hydrate all layers of the wound.” And finally, the silicone scar sheets that according to the website have been “shown to provide nourishment to skin layers and improve scar thickness and color. Silicone Sheets have been clinically proven to provide healing and compressive effects on scars.” The product is not currently available in stores and can be purchased directly from the website. However, the website has a lot of information including testimonials, before and after pictures (including one of a child, which was a big plus for me). They also have a product guarantee.

Revitol CreamRevitol is available and their website claims that it “helps reduce the appearance of unsightly scars, even if they’ve been there for years.” The website has one before and after photo and some user testimonials. There is an About Us page on the website that gives the company’s background as well as an FAQ page. I couldn’t find the product’s ingredients on the website, if it could be used on children, or if there was a return policy.

ScarAwayThe last of my research took me to ScarAway. The product, according to their website, touts “visible results in just a few weeks.” They make claims to “shrink, flatten and fade both old and new scars of varying types.” There are several products that are available to purchase from nationwide pharmacies and other retail products such as scar repair gel, silicone sheets, and diminishing scar serum. However, each of these products need to be purchased separately. The website mentions the technology behind ScarAway. The website dosn’t mention specifically if the product is safe to use on children. The website mentions the product can be used on childhood scars.  It’s unclear if the product can help children (with new scars) OR help adults with childhood scars (old scars). The website, however, shows a few photos of families (with children) implying that it can be used on kids. The website does mention the product is “drug-free” and “latex-free”, which is good.

As a parent buying a product that will be going on my child’s skin, I want to make an educated decision first, and pick a product that was developed with children in mind.

Every parent may have different criteria as to what is important when they evaluate a scar cream purchase for their child. But I hope that this mommy’s viewpoint, kid-centric review on  some of the best scar creams out there was helpful in your overall decision-making process.

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