How to Save Money with Natural Skin Care


In 2013, 56.63 billion dollars in revenue streamed in from the purchase of cosmetics in the U.S. With approximately 1.2 million households, that averages to about $4,700 per year and close to $400 per month per household being spent on cosmetics. The vast majority of these sales go to cosmetic industry leaders Proctor & Gamble & L’Oreal, both of which are known to use harmful, toxic chemicals and substances in their products. The following information explains how to save money by using totally natural skin care alternatives.

Skin Care Products:

Skin care commands a whopping 34.1% of cosmetic purchases in the U.S, roughly $1,600 per household per year. This isn’t a surprise given the prevalence of anti-aging advertisement propaganda and the airbrushed standard of beauty.

Instead of purchasing expensive skin creams, wrinkle removers, firming lotions, miracle cleansers, and all manner of other skin care products that claim irrational results, you can save money by replacing your entire regime of skin care with the five natural alternatives listed below. Each natural skin care description includes the maximum amount you can expect to spend on the alternative in your household.

$100: Organic Rosehip Seed Oil – This wonder oil can easily replace all moisturizers, anti-aging creams, scar removal creams, and beyond.
$20: Organic Honey – This natural eye moisturizer and brightener can effectively replace any eye cream on the market.
$50: Organic Neem Oil – Excellent for all types of skin, including combination skin and oily skin prone to breakouts, Neem oil is highly antibacterial and can even stop skin irritations in their tracks!
$50: Organic Black African Soap – No harmful chemicals with this stuff, and it’s fantastic for all skin types.
$0: You can also add free coffee grounds to your skin care practice for natural skin scrubs, toning, and scar reduction.

That’s $1,600 spent for commercial products vs. $220 for natural skin care: an 86% reduction—or $1,380 saved—in skin care costs per year!  Note that all of the above mentioned alternatives can be purchased online via companies committed to Eco-friendly business products and practices.

Stay tuned for other articles focused on how to save money with natural alternatives to cosmetics!


Jennifer Hollie Bowles
Jennifer Hollie Bowles is a blissed-out Momma and Wife. She offers natural beauty, holistic health, and metaphysical products at Bliss Emporium. Jennifer is also a widely published writer of many genres.