How To Save On Life Insurance Premiums By Simply Living Healthy


In today’s world, it is a tough task for an individual to avoid health issues. With a growing population, stressful working hours, and an irregular diet, people often find it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You could take life/medical insurance and pay monthly premiums to ensure that you’re treated properly, in case you fall ill. Nevertheless, nothing beats following a healthy lifestyle and saving on the hefty premium amounts that can very well burn holes in your pockets. Not a lot of people are aware, but living a healthy and disease-free lifestyle can lower the cost of your life premiums and medical bills. Listed below are some simple tips on staying healthy.

  1. Cut Down On Smoking

Most life insurance agencies view smoking as an extremely unhealthy habit and have different rates for smokers and non-smokers. As most of us might already be aware of the several health risks that smoking can cause, the companies often charge higher life insurance premiums toward tobacco users. Chewing tobacco, smoking cigarettes and pipes etc. are all categorised as smoking by all the leading insurance companies. Hence, it becomes essential to cut down on smoking before you plan to take out a life insurance policy.

  1. Live a More Active Lifestyle

An active lifestyle brings several benefits, which may lower your premium. With a sluggish lifestyle, we have a higher risk of developing diseases such as obesity, low blood pressure and diabetes, which not viewed in a positive light by most insurance companies. Studies show that 150 minutes of weekly exercise can not only reduce the risk of such diseases, but can also put you in the good books of the insurance companies. Daily running and a workout will keep your muscles and organs active , whilst also strengthening your immune system.

  1. Shed Those Extra Pounds

This might sound a little offensive to many, but insurance companies can charge a heavy premium if you’re suffering from obesity Taking out a life insurance policy is a good reason to shed that extra weight from your body. Obesity is not only a great hindrance in living an active lifestyle, but it can also result in a heart condition, whilst also putting extra stress on various organs like lungs, kidneys, liver etc. Since you’re more prone to falling ill, insurance companies might not go very easy on you when charging premiums for their policies.

  1. Watch Your Alcohol Intake

While alcoholic beverages are common at social events, a history of alcohol abuse can cause problems with insurance companies. The insurance agencies often do a thorough background check on a person and compare his health condition to someone who uses alcohol within limits before deciding on the premium amount. Nevertheless, it is important for people to cut down on their alcohol intake to lower the premium.

  1. Blood Pressure

Maintaining an optimal blood pressure is one of the most difficult things to do these days. The increasing pollution, stress and hectic lifestyles not only take a toll on our diet and sleeping habits, but these elements can also put excess strain on the heart and kidneys. An unusually higher or lower blood pressure can increase health risks, and this does not fare well in the books of the various insurance companies. While there are fewer health risks associated with people who have hypotension, hypertension may raise the cost of your insurance premium.

In Conclusion

An unhealthy lifestyle not only increases your chances of getting ill, but can also put an extra hole in your pocket. The more frequently you fall ill, the higher the risk that your life insurance policy premium will rise. Follow the above tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle and cut down on the premium amounts that you need to pay for various medical and life insurances.



Helen Garvey
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