How to Safety Do A High Quality Lemon Cleansing


Living in today’s modern society can be stressful mentally, but more so physically. The foods people eat now days are full of chemicals, preservatives, and other harsh ingredients that makes you feel sluggish and tired. Everything you eat or put on your skin is absorbed into your body and is one of the main reasons for poor health. The human body is like a machine and it needs proper nourishment to stay strong, but also needs to be cleansed to maintain it’s effectiveness. Cleansing is very popular today and it gives you an effective way of ridding your body of unwanted  and unnatural substances.

Lemon Cleansing is one of the best ways for detoxification and it can undo months, if not years of toxic build-ups. Your immune system and skin prevents some toxins from entering the body but the liver and kidney neutralizes and shuttles the toxins out of your body naturally. Most peoples internal systems are acidic and the goal of the lemon cleanse is to bring your bodies back into an alkaline state. The best way of achieving this is by the use of lemons.

*Positives of Lemon*

  • Lemons keeps you hydrated and are 90% comprised of water
  • Loaded with antioxidants that removes free radicals
  • Full of Vitamin C
  • Extra Immune Support
  • Nourishes and Cleanses the body
  • Inexpensive

As you can see, there are many positives to the use of lemons and many people seem to be doing lemon detox diets to further enhance the benefits. This type of diet is called (lemon juice fasting). Average fasting is for 10 days but you can shorten or lengthen it to fit your schedule better. This lemon detox diet uses fresh squeezed lemons, maple syrup (100%), pure water, and cayenne pepper. Each ingredient plays a key role and shouldn’t be substituted with other products.

Successful Tips For An Effective Lemon Detox

  1. Use organic ingredients that are free of preservatives and chemicals
  2. Using ice cold water while blending your lemon drink as this will boost the detoxifying effects
  3. Don’t eat and solid whole foods during this detox diet
  4. Don’t drink any other liquids during this detox diet, but if you must; peppermint tea is allowed
  5. Re-introduce solid foods slowly and gradually right after the cleanse. This helps maintain the positive benefits for a longer time.
  6. Don’t do the lemon detox diet if your highly stressful, nursing, pregnant, or seriously ill
  7. Better taste and convenience; squeeze your lemons in the morning then put it in an airtight jar and finally put it in the refrigerator. The cooler temps help keep the lemon juice fresh for a longer time

The lemon detox diet is very effective and yields powerful results along with a healthy diet. Another great way of proving your body with lemon detoxifying benefits is to sip on some lemon tea throughout the day. Always use fresh lemons here unlike dried lemons because they tend to lose their antioxidant effectiveness while being stored. Some of the benefits of this process is:

  • Energy Boost
  • Increases your metabolism to burn more calories and fat
  • Provides you with antioxidants
  • Boosts your Immune System which helps prevent illnesses

For further details of the lemon dieting process check here.

Negatives of Overusing Lemon Detoxification

With all of the positives there can be some negatives especially if you over-do it. Any natural cleansing should be done in moderation and being overzealous with lemon detoxification has it’s problems such as:

  • Blood Sugar Imbalance
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Changes in mood or Depression
  • Rapid Blood Pressure Changes
  • Constipation

Now that you know and are aware of the benefits of lemon cleansing, it’s time to get your health back. Like the old saying, ” practice what you preach,” eating healthier foods in-general gives you the proper nutrition and a firm foundation to stand on. Making small changes can make a world of difference. In conclusion; lemon cleansing, healthier eating habits, and exercise is something we all should stride for since it’s the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth.

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