Root celery, the forgotten medicine


This vegetable used to be the staple food in Europe before potato arrived into the old world. In fact, the potato is the replacement of root celery. It is very healthy. This ´replaced´ vegetable is much more healthy than potato. 100 gram contain over 35% of the RDA of vitamin K. It´s a vitamin we need to build up our bones. Furthermore, vitamin K is working as a preventive agent against degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer, dementia, and Parkinson´s disease. There are some more medicinal benefits offered by this plant.

Root celery and cancer

The University of Newcastle, England proved that poly-acetylenes in celery root help to prevent leukemia and bowel cancer. The latter is also treated by the fact that root celery contains fibers. Fibers are one of the main prevention food sources known to prevent bowel cancer. In another research, from 2005, it showed that all poly-acetylenes have an effect against cancer tumors. In this survey, the researchers also studied poly-acetylenes from parsnip, parsley, carrots and fennel

Prevent cardiovascular problems

Just as his cousin’s celery herb and celery, root celery can prevent people from getting cardiovascular diseases. It prevents against arteriosclerosis, according to scientists. Furthermore, root celery is one of the plants that lowers hypertension. The celery plants contain nitrates, and these components have a good function against cardiovascular problems. Some scientists see in this vegetable a possible future medicine against heart diseases. Other vegetables that contain nitrate and might become a heart medicine are turnips, beetroot, carrots, onions, cabbage, potatoes and, green beans. Cabbage is the best source of nitrate. Watercress, spinach, and rocket are well known other sources of nitrates.  

Root celery and menstruation

For women, it is good to know that root celery optimizes the menstruation periods. Women who are breastfeeding benefit by consuming this delicious vegetable regularly. Mothers will produce more milk after they eat this for a few weeks.

Nitrates and athletes

There are some vegetables and other food sources that help to improve sports performance. The Nitrate story are interesting for athletes. There is a growing body of evidence showing nitrates from natural sources help to lower the stress conditions which muscles have to endure. The muscles tolerate exercise better. The blood flow is improved, and there is less cost of oxygen while exercising. Athletes will be delighted when they found out that the right food can make you run faster and longer. More and more athletes use the advice of a food expert to improve achievements.

Good for kidneys

Root celery is a well-known diuretic. It stimulates the functions of the kidneys. When the kidneys work better, more toxins will be relieved from the body. Kidney stones will disappear faster when you eat root celery on a regular base. The improved kidney function is connected to the improved hypertension function in the following way: Toxins are temporarily stored in the blood and captured in fluids. When these toxins leave the body, due to better functioning kidneys, there will be a little less blood fluid in the vessels. There is more space for the blood in the vessels. That is why the blood pressure is lowering.

Medicinal kitchen advise

Root celery contains sodium. That is why you don´t need to use salt when you boil it. All the minerals will keep its taste well. This is the perfect vegetable for people with a sodium-free diet. The same applies to the herb itself. You don´t need to boil root celery before baking. Unlike potatoes you just put some raw small cubes in a frying pan and after 3 till 5 minutes they are ready to eat. It is easy to make a mash out of this root that has much more taste than potato. This celery root mash is perfect to use on top of bread with cheese. You can use this vegetable raw. Grate a root and use it as salad vegetable together with grated carrots, sweet potatoes and, cucumber. You can mix grated vegetables with some raisins to create a special, natural sweet salad. Enjoy your medicine!!!

My field of interest is the healing power of food. Latest scientific research shows that many food has medicinal values. I am researching whether people can get well by eating the right kinds of foods at the right time. What I have found during my research I write down in articles.