Rethink the Pink Aims at Helping Women Restore & Preserve Their Health


The annual Women’s International Summit for Health runs for 40 days January through March and grows in popularity each year. In 2014, WISH presents the Rethink the Pink summit (affiliate link), starting on January 29 and aiming at raising awareness about women’s health. “Why run for the cure?” the summit organizers ask, offering a different kind of approach that involves standing up to the cause of cancer instead. The summit will address possible causes of breast cancer, such as circulation-cutting underwire bras, toxic cosmetics and even radiation from mammograms. WISH promotes holistic approach to health, sustainable eating and beauty care that’s more natural.

The Woman behind the Project

Tera Warner is the creator of Body Enlightenment system promoting healthy lifestyle for women and the organizer of WISH. More than 100,000 women are part of the BE network, which encourages them to improve their self-worth as opposed to managing weight. Warner was a keynote speaker at multiple conferences, addressing such issues as weight loss, body image, natural detox and more. Through her program, she encourages women to get better sleep, take more walks and eat natural foods.

Rethink the Pink Speakers

WISH brings together many great speakers, including doctors, nutritionists, activists, cancer survivors and holistic therapists. Here are the profiles of just some of the speakers you’ll find at the Rethink the Pink summit.

Ruth Heidrich

Dr. Ruth Heidrich is a nutrition and exercise specialist and a life-long runner, who was diagnosed with breast cancer more than 30 years ago. After the surgery, she decided against radiation and chemotherapy, turning to a vegan diet instead. In addition to becoming cancer free, she was also able to overcome arthritis and increase her bone density thanks to this approach, despite the fact that osteoporosis runs in her family. She wrote several books on the subjects of senior fitness, running and raw foods, and lectured at several universities.

Veronique Desaulniers

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers believes that your DNA is not your destiny. She maintained wellness practices since 1979, concentrating on women’s wellness in particular for the last 10 years of her career. She retired after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and used a natural approach to overcome the disease. Her holistic ideas include neutralizing electromagnetic pollution in one’s living space, as well as paying more attention to emotional components such as forgiveness.

William Davis

Dr. William Davis is the author of Wheat Belly and a firm believer that to become healthier, people need to exclude all wheat from their diets. He says that as many as 80% of all patients he sees these days are either diabetic or pre-diabetic, and links a lot of these instances to wheat flour causing significant increases in blood sugar levels. He promotes wheat elimination combined with other nutritional principles as a way of preventing heart disease.

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