Restore Inner Peace and Sanity Through Positive Thinking and Healthy Foods


As people hear all kinds of unsettling news about the world, from widespread diseases and droughts to corruption and cover-ups, it’s not surprising that individuals are craving more inner peace to help restore their sanity. In fact, Mike Adams recently wrote an article, “The fall of reason: How to protect your sanity in an insane world (and achieve spiritual victory in the process),” which succinctly details a world run amok and the ways in which people can keep their head on straight as it all unfolds.(1)

He discusses the “…mind-warping linguistic engineers in the media” and how he feels that human civilization is imploding at an “unstoppable” rate due to all of the media brainwashing, pharmaceuticals and chemtrails in a world where the desire to learn, and tell, the truth, is often frowned upon.(1)

Anyone recall the George Orwell book, “1984”? Hmm.

In any event, striving for inner peace is essential, and getting there means adapting both practical and spiritual practices. Adams recommends that people not only prepare for survival, which he says includes buying farmland with water sources on it (the “gold” of the future), but that they fuel themselves in ways that keeps their body and mind operating at optimal levels.(1,2)

Proper Nourishment of Mind and Body Essential to Restoring Inner Peace

A properly-functioning body and mind is one that is nutritionally balanced, filled with stress-fighting adaptogens such as turmeric, holy basil, ginseng and with fresh fruits and vegetables as well as superfoods.(1)

On a spiritual level, Adams reminds us that all of our actions are very important and that it’s critical that people don’t give in to the evils in the world despite its mounting prevalence.(1) It’s also important to align ourselves with like-minded individuals who are also seeking a higher path of awakening and to never stop persisting in the face of challenge.

Belief, then, and the power of the mind is part of the picture. Many times people hear about how positive thoughts yield positive outcomes and that if enough people concentrate on a desired outcome, then the ability exists to make it happen.

The Importance of Vibrational Energy and the Foods we Eat

One such person is Esther Hicks, an inspirational speaker who talks frequently about our vibrations.(3) Hicks explains that all matter is made up of vibrational strings, which means that humans are as well. When engaging in very deliberate thinking that focuses on harmonious behaviors and good outcomes, the Universe shifts in accordance with our vibrations and works in favor of positivity.(3)

Focusing on our vibrational energy is important for both mental and physical health. Since the entire body is comprised of vibrations, nourishing it with healthy foods and exercise is necessary. Our vibrations happen with every heartbeat, working to ensure the body rids toxins and pumps blood properly.(4) Exercise keeps this momentum going, contributing to improved health.

Furthermore, the food we eat has vibrational energy, which many have said helps them achieve inner peace and spiritual growth. Processed foods and alcohol have slow vibrations, which makes people feel weaker, while organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, spirulina, cacao and wheatgrass vibrate much faster and foster a sense of awakening and energy.(4,5)

All of this — from our interactions with health-minded truth-seekers to positive thoughts, exercise and eating high-vibrational foods — all play a role in facing the changes in the world with more confidence, sanity and inner peace.

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