Restore your Health and End Your Suffering


Perhaps you might have felt in younger life that you had boundless energy to offer.

That whatever you are was eternal, healthy and powerful?

Yeah, that’s totally correct.

Unfortunately, our bodies have been under chemical attack since the day we were born, really, conceived. It is an unspoken collection of crimes against humanity that is only now being uncovered as a true conspiracy against all Life.

The scope of this is beyond our comprehension and we have little recourse.

Here’s what you need to know right now if your health is suffering in vague ways.

Radiation poisoning. This is ongoing, it’s in the water, all water. It’s in the air.

It isn’t just the massive amount of nukes used freely without our knowledge every single day.

It isn’t just the nuclear ‘accident’s that have destroyed our oceans.

Chem-trails and their contents have been openly admitted to by various offices of the government.

It is being sprayed on us, along with many nightmarish concoctions.

Often this radiation clings to the thyroid, causing a myriad of issues.

Use Nascent Iodine everyday.

Filter your water.

Even well water.

Abandon store-bought water.

Fluoride is a poison, there is no benefit to it’s use.

It is now being added to all water, including distilled water.

There are several reliable choices that require investments of around $200.

Deduct that from a year’s drinking water bill, it’s not so bad.

All non-plant plastics contain endocrine disruptors.

Buying food in glass jars means free water storage.

Feels silly?

Buy a grecian urn if you want.

Bottom line, avoid plastics touching food & water.

If you can filter your entire house water system, awesome.

There are things you can add to your bath, nothing I can recommend with confidence at this point.

Know your bathwater is highly contaminated.

A long soak can set you back. But you have many resources in reach to protect yourself.

Consistent use of these and other remedies will reduce your toxin load.

Alongside the radiation and other neurotoxins in our skies, we have metals, specifically aluminum, dusting every surface of our existence. At first daily and then weekly doses of Bentonite Clay will help draw those metals out of your tissues.

On days you aren’t using the clay, take the highest ppm Colloidal Silver or Gold.

You can ingest it and spray it on your thyroid.

I’m sure you already know diet is important. But again, you’ve been born into a system already designed to deprive you of your natural energy and health.

Our sociopathic society has normalized serious illness.

Break out of that mind trap as much as possible in order to preserve your exquisite natural state as much as possible. Know that you have been systematically deprived of essential nutrients. It may not seem obvious at first, but this ties right back into you being a crystalline being. We need these ingredients to resonate on a healthy frequency. It is no mistake that our typical diet is lacking and even leaching these vitamins and minerals.

It’s also important to seek out specific formulas of these vitamins and minerals. Much of what is readily available in pill form is garbage. Our bodies can’t break down forms of the vitamin or mineral created artificially. Also, the source of many things needs to be examined. Seek organic products not sourced from the pacific ocean. No ocean is safe. But it appears the North Atlantic is the least contaminated at this time.

Purified Fish Oils and Omegas from Seeds are essential to myelin protection.

I can attest to this personally.

Ingest any kind of organic seaweed or krill, organic and purified, but as much as you can stand. Superfoods such as Chorella, Spirulina are the building blocks of health we’ve been denied in our regular food chain.

Magnesium and Zinc are essential to your proper functioning. Magnesium is more effective sprayed. Sometimes they come together. You will know within a week of use if this is causing a myriad of seemingly unconnected health issues.

The B vitamins are amazing. But the overlooked one is B-1. B-1 or Thiamine is often, along with Magnesium, a magic bullet to fatigue and ‘syndrome X’ – or the breakdown of the endocrine and lymphatic systems without any one cause identified. The trick is to get it in injections. Multiple injections until you feel a surge of energy may be necessary. It took me 25 injections the first time to notice a difference. That is how depleted your receptors can get compared to a healthy person’s one injections.

We’ve accepted antibiotics as a way of life. Indeed, they’ve eased my suffering many times. But like many, I’ve also suffered the yeast overgrowth that comes with antibiotic use. We don’t think about yeast and mold, but it is part of the attack on our health and needs to be stridently repelled in order to be healthy. This, above all the other recommendations I’ve just offered, may be the most important and the most accessible.

If you eat meat you are ingesting a massive amount of crude antibiotics and the yeast it grew in the animal. It
is illness upon illness in your food.

Many won’t recognize the symptoms of yeast overgrowth. Indeed, chronic fatigue, frequent colds and such aren’t imagined to be related to yeast.

Women have long needed the remedies to be OTC due to the frequency of yeast discomfort.

But we are all inundated. Massive doses of Probiotics in powder form. Yogurts, Kefir and fermented foods will help keep the yeast at bay. There may be some discomfort if there is a large die-off at first. Weekly probiotics are a great habit.

Your food supply is a huge part of how you will endure in these times.

We need a diet high in organic, indoor grown fresh fruits and vegetables. We all understand that, and try our best. But accepting the fact that any food grown outdoors with traditional pesticides & the chem-trail load is poisoned.

Your most reliable resource is your own indoor gardening system.

That is a series of posts all it’s own. But know you can create a sustainable system of the most healthful choices for you and your family.

If you are making the effort to choose local, greenhouse and organic then you are way ahead of the game already. These suggestions are the ones you aren’t going to easily find and, because they are so important to combating the ongoing attack, may even be derided or suppressed in a lot of available material. This is not medical advice. But methods found effective by a person suffering from multiple unexplained health issues unaffected by traditional Big Pharma treatments. Seek advice from medical professionals in the case of emergencies or medical questions.

Good Luck!



Xan Brink
Xan Brink is a contributor to multiple online and print publications. Xan Brink's avatar is a prehistoric symbol that suggests balance and equality between all living things. It is a symbol violently suppressed and usurped by the Sun death cults that overtook Sumeria and later Egypt, Rome and the World. There is evidence it was the precursor to both the Native American Medicine Wheel and the Tibetan time wheel insignias.