How Should We Respond to Soros School’s “SOS”?


David Kostelancik—not exactly a household name—defended a George Soros-funded institution in Hungary (specifically, Central European University). The problem with Mr. Colonoscopy (Soros’ useful idiots all deserve unflattering nicknames): he serves as the local Charge d’Affaires of the United States. Clearly, the Trump Administration—if only out of self-preservation—must prevent Mr. Colonoscopy from providing further aid and comfort to the network responsible for waging a color revolution (purple) against the United States. Further, the Administration must take steps to address the acute problem of left-wing subversion that afflicts university campuses here at home.

Mr. Colonoscopy warned that the Hungarian government may jeopardize the “independence” of Central European University, since a bill under consideration in parliament would place restrictions on foreign universities from nations that don’t have bilateral agreements with Hungary. But who expects “independence” from a Soros-spawned organization? Why shouldn’t the Hungarians act to protect themselves?


Closer to home, why shouldn’t Americans act to protect themselves from the products of our universities?

As readers of this blog well know, the Left in this country has controlled higher education for decades, and this has resulted in the corruption of other institutions, such as the mainstream media. The universities are, after all, where these journalists are trained. Further, as we have seen in recent news reports, many students in these institutions have become radicalized and engage in riots, assault, and similar politically-motivated crimes.


To break the stranglehold of the Left on our nation’s colleges and universities, the following policies may be effective for the Trump Administration to pursue:

  • End (or suspend indefinitely via “extreme vetting”) international student visas.
  • Abolish tenure.
  • Close university “diversity and inclusion offices.”
  • Apply Title IX to political bias and force universities to adhere to a “fairness doctrine” that gives those on the Right a seat (or several) at the table.
  • Eliminate the 501(c)3 tax deduction for foundations.
  • RICO/asset forfeiture the Soros, Rockefeller, and Ford Foundations, and seize university endowments. Use these to cancel existing student loan debt.
  • Ban student loans to any student enrolled at a four-year institution who has not passed calculus and is not enrolled in a “STEM” degree program.

It is encouraging that President Trump selected Jerry Falwell, Jr. to serve on a task force related to higher education reform. Surely Mr. Falwell is aware of the insidious nature of political correctness and the Social Justice Warriors on campus. This is truly a critical area that impacts the long-term survival of our nation. Remember, if the GOP fails to significantly reverse the hegemony of the Left on our institutions–especially education–those folks with the blue hair and the multiple piercings are waiting for us (in 2018, 2020, 2024?), and they aren’t exactly known for being gentle. Remember Flight 93.



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