Report: Smart phone Use Linked to Male Infertility


How often do you find yourself taking your cell phone out of your front pocket or belt clip?

A major health advocacy group (EWG) recently released a new report which documents the negative health effects on sperm exposed to cell phone radiation and “the striking findings for men who carried their cell phones in a pocket or on their belt”.


Cell Phone Radiation Affects Sperm Quality:

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has reviewed scientific literature of 10 studies and reported that cell phone radiation causes significant changes to sperm exposed.

The study reported that:

“…in the most striking findings, men who carried their phones in a pocket of on the belt were more likely to have lower sperm counts and/or more inactive or less mobile sperm.”

The exposure to cell phone radiation by sperm has been associated to damage to sperm DNA and sperm morphology.

According to the EWG:

“Men who carried a phone in a hip pocket or on the belt had 11% fewer mobile sperm than men who kept a phone elsewhere on the body.

Men who carried a cell phone on the best and used it intensively during a 5-day test period had 19% drop in motile sperm from their previous levels,

Men who talked on the phone for more than an hour a day had 17% fewer highly motile sperm than men who talked less than 15 minutes per day.

The EWG even commented that using a Bluetooth device may even make matters because men are more likely to attach the cell phone to the belt or body and potentially conduct longer calls. For men, this means even though your head is not exposed to radiation, your reproductive system is.


What is the best protocol to avoid this?

Men need to take a few simple precautions to reduce the potential health and reproductive harm from cell phone use.

Here are a few suggestions:

Don’t Keep Your Smart phone right next to your body:  Men in particular are known for storing their cell phones in their front pocket or on a belt clip – two areas dangerously close to the male reproductive system. The safest protocol is to keep the cell phone as far as conveniently away from your body as possible. When at your desk, put it on the edge of the desk, when driving in the car place it a reachable distance away and when on the move, place it in a backpack or briefcase.

When speaking on your cell phone: Keep the conversations short. It is even preferable to text instead of talk. Use the speaker function of your phone if convenient or possible. If you choose to use the Bluetooth device, make sure the cell phone is not attached to your body.

When Not Using Your Smart Phone – Turn it off: When you go to sleep at night – turn your phone off. Many cell phones also come with Wi-Fi access and Bluetooth. If you are not using these features, make sure you turn them off too.

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