It’s Renewable, It’s Eco-friendly – It’s Hemp



1. Hemp’s Nanotechnology Suitable Properties Show Incredible Potential

Who would not want to have personal belongings made out of amazing materials with obvious nano friendly properties especially Hemp?

Yes – it’s weed, but no matter how we twist and turn it, hemp could be used for literally everything we need as a civilization – building materials, clothes, food, energy and more!

From food to clothes and according to scientists at the University of Alberta, hemp’s specific properties allow its usage in a process that creates a nano compound of wide application in all energy saving technologies. It is fascinating that among all the science and technology we have in stock, it is wildlife that supplies us with the best materials to use!

Imagine all the merchandise and goods held in stock worldwide, that are made out of petrochemicals instead of a renewable and eco-friendly resource like what is hemp!

One of the most popular in the field of nanotechnology at the moment is graphene. Its properties make it too hard to implement within industry procedures since it’s hard to get, but hemp might offer an alternative. Sadly but graphene costs show that they are way higher than those of regular activated carbon based energy savers. Even though prototypes with such nanotechnology store more energy than those we use now, not to mention the longer period of storage.

Good News

Specifications hemp based resources can offer, show a highly competitive level of high surface area conductivity. Scientists say that if graphene is ideal for usage within batteries and commercial supercapacitors, then the nanotechnology material made of hemp could be the next big thing in technology.

One of the leading researchers on the topic is David Miltin.

His main objective is to research which properties can serve as resources for commercial purposes. The hidden power of his concept is that theoretically, the cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa) can be transformed into carbon nanotubes, that share the same properties as graphene, while it beats the price. The breed used for these purposes actually registers lower levels of psychoactive ingredients than any of the sorts that can get you in trouble (for most parts of the world).

Hemp does not need many resources nor investment for a substantial amount to be grown. It is highly resistant to sickness and can flourish in a variety of climate systems. The most important part is it does not require pesticides nor chemicals.

Mitlin‘s team has targeted a specific part of the cannabis plant.

The bast layer, which is considered as waste, has certain properties that make it perfect for nanotechnology applications. It is a nanocomposite, that consists out of lignin, hemicellulose, crystalline cellulose and more. The scientist has discovered that if refined the right away it breaks down to nanosheets that behave similarly to graphene.

Once you have all the resources in place. The process afterward isn’t that complicated at all.

The layer of bast is put under 180 °C for at least a day. For that period crystalline cellulose does carbonize, while the rest of compounds slowly break down. The carbon enhanced material is treated with potassium hydroxide, also known as caustic potash, and then it is heated up to nearly 800 °C. This causes the exfoliation of 2 to 5 mm wide nanosheets which on their turn allow electrical charges to travel easier and faster.

If graphene is considered as “the future of nanotechnology” because of its strength, minimum thickness, and low weight, then Hemp could easily take the lead and generate a fortune! It is cheaper to supply, it’s way durable and has superior electrochemical storage potential than graphene does.

2. Home Building And House Isolation

The cannabis plant is so durable it can even produce building materials.

Hempcrete – Building with Concrete Hemp?

Cannabis-based bricks are done by combining hemp with lime and water. This new material is called Hempcrete. The inner part of the plant’s woody core goes through a binding process, thanks to the reaction of silica and lime. It is a unique property close to just a few other natural fibers!

“The question is not IF, the question is WHEN.”
A Fantastic tradesman has to say.

The best quality of hempcrete is its low weight. This new resource is up to 7 times lighter than regular concrete and floats in water. It is still not strong enough to build stuff on its own, but it can be combined with other concrete mixtures for a proper result

Buildings made of hemp materials could last us as long as a middle age castle!

Home and Property Insulation

The first building that uses isolation made totally out of hemp-made resources is located in the USA North Carolina state. Insulations done out of the cannabis plant will surely become ever more popular. These constructions are not only eco-friendly, but they clearly show how we could transform a whole non-ecofriendly industry into a sustainable and the more important – a renewable resource of building materials!

Imagine if you could own a house made of cannabis products? If such technology reaches the wide public, this could revolutionize whole industry sectors., The simplest of examples is insulation. An affordable and quality insulation will affect the energy performance results of whole neighborhoods. We can only imagine how massive the change will be on a global scale.

Among the number of qualities this renewable material has is the fact that it is carbon-negative. This substance alone prolongs the use of hemp insulation, compared to other regular resources. Hemp can absorb way more dangerous greenhouse gasses than mineral wool, which is often used. One cubic meter of hempcrete can absorb up to 165 kg of carbon over tens of years. Not to mention how it performs when it comes down to moisture. If one or more buildings are in an area with high humidity – hempcrete is the answer!

The plant shows properties that apply to tens if not thousands of different uses! History has compared these astonishing qualities as Panacea – or the ultimate cure.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Omega 6 fatty acids
  • Contains all 20 known forms of essential amino acids
  • More than 8 of the essential fatty acids
  • Protein (contains 30% protein in a highly digestible form)
  • GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acids)
  • LNA (linolenic acids)

The plant can provide the human body with fiber, carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, and E.

  • Cannabis Oil Shows Excellent Properties as a Mean to Fight Cancer in all its Forms

Cannabis has delivered positive results in the treatment of various forms of cancer. The active compound THC forms ceramide – a fat molecule, that when in contact with cancer leads to the self-destruction of sick cells one by one. Another serious benefit of hemp oil is its effects on melatonin produced within the human body. It stimulates the pineal gland which boosts melatonin levels sky high. Melatonin is one of the strongest antioxidants in our system and when reduced the effects can be dramatic!

  • Records Show Hemp’s Amazing Properties When it Comes Down to Treatment of Skin Cancer

When compared to traditional medicine, records of hemp oil treatment are off the roof. For a start, the natural resource treatment does not require surgery of any kind. Nobody wants to feel like a salami. Some use liquid nitrogen, which causes a lot of pain and often the illness comes back and worsened. Effects on patients vary, but compared to hemp oil and its absolute efficiency in killing mutated cells, things start to sound scary. It turns out that instead of healing, traditional medicine methods not only do not help but make things worse. I’ve heard people say, that when used the right way, hemp can change the way we feel about words like incurable. Nature has given us a helping hand. Governments should give more advice and assistance given to citizens during and after the usage of goods that cause cancer.

  • Records of Irritation, Inflammation and Arthritis Treatment with Hemp

Most of the hemp breeds produce an oil resource that is known to be one of the oldest treatments for arthritis. If cannabis is acknowledged and put to use by the industry, it will surely become one of the most beneficial crops ever, it could literally change the life of millions.

  • Chronic Pain

There is nothing quite like hemp oil for those that suffer from chronic pain. The goods provided by established medicine society are mostly harmful and addictive. Bare in mind that most of those are more likely to mask and blur, rather than ease and not to mention healing anything at all. Objective reviews of many “official” products compared to hemp oil would prove the obviousness of the truth. Unfortunately, that’s how corporations accumulate wealth, riches, and patrimony.

  • Burns and Hemp

Cannabis oil is a natural antibiotic and a natural anesthetic. There are records of third-degree burns healed in less than two weeks by using this natural resource alone. It is absurd that we don’t use it on a global scale.

  • Records of Hemp’s Effects When Used As a Solution to Diabetes Prove it’s Healing Properties

When it is diagnosed at an earlier stage, diabetes is easier to cure than cases of people who have had it for a while. А periodic routine check is a must. Oil tends to claim the prize for healing the pancreas really fast. Records show that this amazing plant helps with all forms of the disease. This is more than wealth.

  • Moles, Warts, Ulcers

Taking cannabis oil with food can cure an internal ulcer. For any anomalies that are not within the body, oil is applied directly. The ceramide will only hunt down and destroy only the infected or mutated cells without causing pain.

  • Asthma and Migraines Can be Treated by Hemp Goods More Efficiently

A huge number of patients have stated that cannabis oil lowers both the density and intensity of a migraine, headache and surges. Some even say that complaints have stopped after a period of usage and disappeared for good. Smoking a joint a day has proven to benefit patients with asthma, although it is way more effective to digest or vaporize oil, rather than a blunt.

  • Hemp Helps Treat Leukemia

When oil is digested, THC goes directly into the bloodstream and if cancer is present – it’s going down for sure. This fact could make Leukemia the easiest and fastest to cure!

  • Psoriasis is a Wide Spread Decease, and Hemp could help the Immune System handle it

This sickness comes from a disbalance within the patient’s body. A common practice is to combine oil ingestion with the usage of a cannabis tincture to treat the skin. In the most occasion, the sickness does never return.

  • Rumours Have it Cannabis Oil Reduces and Can Potentially Clean Any System Out of AIDS

There is at least a dozen of cases, where usage of oil has reduced the amount of traditional medication used. A few of those became quite popular thanks to Youtube.

  • Damage Done by Multiple Sclerosis can be Partially Undone by Ingesting Oil

Some of those who practice oil treatment say that even a short treatment can benefit patient’s health and results could stay for at least a year and even more.

  • Glaucoma. Sclerosis and Alzheimer

The symptoms of glaucoma can be easily controlled, and its effects brought to a minimum. Most cannabis sorts cause impressive amplitude in reducing ocular pressure. People that have glaucoma often enjoy improvement of both vision and sight. Hemp seed is rich of tocopherol, which is known for its ability to degenerate diseases like sclerosis.

  • Blood Pressure and Heart issues

A huge number of patients that have been previously on prescription medicine, after switching to cannabis oil no longer take traditional pills

  • Hemp Seed Nutrition Reduces Heart Attacks and Strokes.

Steroid and aliphatic alcohols are known to lower the level of cholesterol and platelet aggregation. Among the most important of those is the phytol, which is popular for being an incredible antioxidant and anti-cancer agent. It is found in raw vegetables like asparagus, beans, spinach and more.

Conclusion and takeaways:

Eat it, Wear it, Build with, Heal with and even Nanotechnology. It’s renewable, it’s Eco-friendly – it’s Hemp.


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