How I Removed My Skin Blemish In 20 Minutes


Sometimes if we just ask a question, like “How Do I Heal This?”, we receive an answer! I am a firm believer that my higher self knows basically everything EXCEPT how to teach me to listen!

Listening to our higher self is easier than we might believe, it’s just a matter of having an open and clear mind to receive the message.  Lately, I’ve been working hard to open that connection.

In fact, I credit my higher connection for helping me to remove a skin blemish, and if you read on, you’ll see why.

The Mysterious Skin Blemish

I recently had a weird mole or blistery skin blemish thing on my face. I had noticed it before, as sort of a mole with a blackish color. It was not huge, maybe 1/8 inch in diameter, but it was noticeable. I ignored this skin blemish for months, as I thought moles were basically permanent.

It Grows!

However, recently when I returned from vacation the skin blemish seemed darker and bigger than before, perhaps from all of the sun I got, and it almost looked like it needed to be squeezed to let whatever was in there out. I really hoped that by squeezing it that would somehow help it heal.

Well, I made the mistake of squeezing the skin blemish and that made it even worse. Now I had this even bigger, dark spot on my face!

It seemed like whatever was in there, it just could not escape from the trap it was in, so it remained there on my face. I knew I shouldn’t squeeze it any more so I tried putting aloe vera on the skin blemish a few times, but over the next few days I didn’t notice any difference. I left it alone, hoping time would at least return it to its former (smaller and less noticeable) self.

How Can I Remove This Skin Blemish?

Then I actually asked myself out loud, “how can I heal this?”.  There was no deep voice answer from above, so I continued about my day.

A short while later I was sitting there drinking a glass of water with lemon in it. Just in the last few days since my return from vacation I started putting lemon in my water. For some reason I thought I would try putting a little lemon juice on the skin blemish. I dabbed some lemon juice on the skin blemish with my finger and left it.

I could feel it kinda tingle with the acid of the lemon. When it dried out, I put a little more lemon juice on. Then I noticed some lemon pulp in the bottom of the glass so I decided to stick a piece of the pulp right on the spot and left it there for about 20 minutes. I had some errands to run so I decided I would wipe the lemon off my face before heading out. I went to the bathroom mirror.

The Answer Arrives

Much to my surprise, the lemon pulp had some black color on it. As I looked closer I was surprised to see a black liquid substance had oozed into the lemon pulp. As gross as it sounds, I knew right away that this was not a bad thing but a good thing! The next thing that occurred to me was to wipe the area with some tissue doused in Hydrogen Peroxide.

I started rubbing the area gently with the tissue and hydrogen peroxide. I could see the black stuff rubbing away but then again much to my surprise it seemed like the whole dark bit of skin was ready to just peel off!

So I rubbed the area a bit more with the tissue as I could see that the skin was coming off and black stuff was going with it. After a couple of minutes rubbing, all I could see was the white bubbly liquid from the hydrogen peroxide.  I got a new tissue with just regular water and held it there for a few more minutes and voila! The whole spot was gone and fresh skin was underneath!

Lemon Did The Trick

Wow, I could hardly believe it – the lemon removed the skin blemish and fast! I wish I had taken before and after photos. If anyone tries this, take pics and share them!

There are a ton of articles about the healing power of lemon right here on Natural News.

The Zen Master Lifestyle

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