3 Simple All Natural Household Ingredients That Will Remove Pet Urine Stains Out Of Carpet


Our fuzzy ones try their best to be best friends, but as we know it’s impossible for anyone or anything to be perfect. Fresh urine has a unique property, it comes out an acid, with a low PH around 3. One of the reasons urine stinks is because once it dries becomes a salty crystal commonly known as a form of ammonia, which has a higher PH of around 11. 

Here’s what I mean..

When urine comes out it has a low power of hydrogen or PH, once dries it has a very high PH. Science class taught us that, to neutralize something with a high PH, you have to use a substance which contains a low PH. That will aid to aid in getting it as close to neutral on the PH scale as possible.

Let me show you how…

Always use as little amount of liquid as possible, and be sure to use very sparingly if on an upper floor as you don’t want to cause a leak on the lower floors! Simply try to clean the affected area with one of the three items listed below.

The trick is…

Wait 15 minutes, then take a dry towel and blot up as much as you can. Repeat the process if you still smell urine after the first treatment. If the smell is gone next, you will want to spray and saturate the area with water. Let sit again on the carpet for 5 minutes. Finally place a dry towel over the area, stand on it to speed up the soaking as much as possible, or use a wet vac, and you are done!

First thing you can pull out of your cupboard is:

1. White Distilled Vinegar

Let’s just call it the wonder drug of all cleaners, shall we? Also known as Acetic Acid with a PH of around 2.6. The most common bottles have around 4% acetic acid in a water solution. This acid can help to neutralize the urine while disinfecting the area.  Aids in making the water ” wetter ” by descaling, or removing mineral deposits in the water. Which in turn makes it easier to flush out and penetrate the urine salts.

Probably the most common go-to, for just about everything. Recent studies have even shown that it could be the best thing in the world to wash your fruits and vegetables with vinegar. Other tests show it consistently removes 99.9% of bacteria and mold. So this multi-purpose acid will not only help in neutralizing the PH, but it will also kill most of the bacteria in our carpets and padding.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

Many carpeted rug washing plants buy it in 55-gallon drums to not only break the urine salts down but to also restore coloring in the rugs. Carpet manufacturers are also known for using this acid as help for setting the dyes in carpets and rugs. As for the smell, don’t worry it will vanish once the area begins to dry.

2. Carbonated Water

As a teenager, I worked at a local Italian restaurant. Part of our uniform was a white collared, dress shirt. As you can probably guess waiting, tables can get a little messy.  Lifting up a tray over my head, a glass of wine came tumbling down my shirt, on my first night all over my new white shirt.

Has this ever happened to you?

The bartender must have seen the whole thing as she came over with a white bar towel and said, “here try blotting it with this.” Sure enough, the wine stain disappeared almost instantly.

I’ll try to explain.

What happened at the time is that the PH lowered to around 3 or 4, which would give us an acidic solution close to orange juice. That helps to neutralize the urine by being acidic alone. At the same time, we have an extra oxygen element ( carbon dioxide reacts with water to form carbonic acid), so oxidation is also happening.

Want proof?

Carpet Cleaning Redding CA , has tested that carbonated water will get almost all things that are all natural out of carpets and upholstery too. From urine to blood to spaghetti sauce. Their recommendation is to use carbonated water for cleaning spots, instead of all the common carpet cleaning sprays available over the counter.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is most commonly used as an antiseptic. In fact, most households have a bottle sitting underneath their sink. It has been used for centuries. The chances are that even our grandparents know about its unusual properties. 

Have no doubt about it!

Commonly was called “peroxide” and was used for disinfecting minor wounds. It is also the main ingredient that gives many cleaners, or laundry boosters their “wow” effect. Mostly diluted to around 1% in with simple tap water will usually still get the job done. Also, it’s widely used in the salon industry to bleach hair, and it’s used in around the 15% strength, which can cause severe skin burns if not careful.

Some specifics:

Hydrogen peroxide in the most common form of 3%,  with a pH of around 4, can be found easily at your local store. It can get nearly 100% of any all natural stain out of any fabric. It will degrade anything natural so be careful and avoid using it on delicate silk or wool carpeting.

The oxidation that occurs once it is placed on an element will also aid in disinfecting the urine that you are cleaning. For Some stains such as flower pollen, or mustard, the oxidation reaction can take several days before it is fully gone. Sunlight or ultraviolet lights can help accelerate the process.

In case you are moving out, and you need deep cleaning from top to the bottom and not just the carpet, you probably need experts like end of lease cleaning Melbourne to swept floors and surfaces. If you are DIY kind of person, all I can say is best of luck. You gonna need it.

So what do you think of the list?

Let us know if you have any questions or comments, we would like to read about your success stories and experience in the comments down below.

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