Remember the Liberty


Remember the Liberty
”Israel purposely and deliberately attacked the U.S.S Liberty”– Dean Rusk, U.S secretary of state at the time of the Israeli attack

June 8th, 2018 will mark the 51st anniversary of the attack on the U.S.S Liberty – an event almost completely unknown to the average American. The nature of the attack itself is important to learn of and comprehend even after all these years as it opens up a gateway of understanding to so many seemingly inexplicable events we see unfold before our eyes today.

The reason that we don’t hear much about the attack on the U.S.S Liberty, whereas the resonating cries of ‘Remember the Cole’ or, even still, ‘Remember the Maine’ reverberate in our collective conscience, is because this attack was perpetrated on an American ship by Israel.

The attack occurred during the Israeli-Arab war of 1967, an Israeli war of aggression in which they were supported by America. By the time the combined air and sea attack was finished, 34 American sailors were killed and 171 were left wounded – many severely.

The Attack
In the afternoon of June 8th, 1967, without any warning, Israeli jets attacked the clearly identified U.S.S Liberty (a U.S. reconnaissance ship) with rockets, cannon-fire, and napalm bombs. They destroyed the radio room and all of the ship’s antennas. After the continuous barrage had gone on for some time Israel, America’s ‘greatest ally’, sent in torpedo boats to finish off the doomed vessel as its courageous crew fought napalm fires on deck, tended to the wounded and worked to get a new antenna up in hopes of getting a distress call through. As the Israelis continued to pepper the ship with cannon fire, they launched a torpedo which struck the Liberty at the waterline killing 22 more sailors below deck. True to their contemptuous nature towards human life, and with complete disregard for international law, the Israeli military then proceeded to machine-gun the Liberty’s deployed life rafts as U.S servicemen attempted to escape the flagitious onslaught.

Israel perpetrated the attack with the hopes of being able to sink the Liberty and blame it on Egypt, thus facilitating full American engagement in Israel’s conflict with the Arab states. The Liberty, although badly damaged, managed to stay afloat despite Israel’s best attempts to sink it, and in so doing, prevented them from being able to blame the attack on Egypt as intended. Being caught red-handed failed to produce anything even remotely resembling an appropriate American response, however, and Israel merely chalked it up as a simple case of mistaken identity, made a few payoffs, and all was forgiven and forgotten to most who were not victims of this criminal assault.

‘It was one of the classic American cover-ups….Why would our government put Israel’s interests ahead of our own?’- Admiral Thomas Moorer, FMR. chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The aftermath of the attack was plagued by government cover-up and media silence that continues to this day. The heroism of the U.S servicemen who so valiantly withstood the barbaric assault has for the most part gone unmentioned in mainstream discourse over the past 51 years. The Liberty’s commanding officer, William McGonagle, won the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroism, and yet, the Washington Post ran no story about it and President Johnson, an active participant in the cover-up, not only didn’t show up to present the award, but wouldn’t even allow the ceremony to take place at the White House. Johnson even went so far as to call the Israelis beforehand to make sure they didn’t have a problem with the award being given, and the award itself didn’t even identify Israel as the attacker!

Although this unprovoked attack could easily have been seen as a provocation for war, not a single thing was done about it by the American government. Not only was there no military response, but the exorbitant amounts of money allocated to Israel subsequently skyrocketed to outrageous levels – and this doesn’t even begin to include all of the high-quality military hardware sold to them for pennies on the dollar!

What kind of a response is this, I ask, to a country of belligerents who attack your defenseless ship and commit serious war crimes in so doing? Certainly, any other country guilty of such an offense would have felt the full weight of the typically all-too-trigger-happy American military, or, at the very least, felt the economic fallout for their grievous transgression through heavy sanctions and frozen assets. Why is it that neither of these things happened? How do we reconcile the fact that America today continues to dole out not only billions of dollars annually, but also top-grade military hardware to the country that attacked them in hopes of deceiving them into fighting their war of aggression? Such is the control that the Israeli establishment has over American life and, tragically, in many cases…American death.

Contemporary Relevance
As I mentioned before, understanding the attack on the U.S.S Liberty opens up a whole new understanding of current events. The use of false flag terrorism to achieve political goals is a favorite tool of the Zionist state whose intelligence agency, Mossad, once boasted the official motto: ”By way of deception, Thou shalt make war.” The world watched as this deceptive modus operandi was executed most famously with the attacks of September 11, 2001, which have been used to justify American involvement in Middle East wars on Israel’s behalf ever since. In many ways, the attack on the U.S.S Liberty – as well as the Lavon Affair – were harbingers of things to come in our present ‘age of terror.’

It is imperative that the facts surrounding the Liberty attack become common knowledge. If more Americans had been made aware to the reality of what transpired on that day 51 years ago, it is likely that we would collectively have a better understanding of our current predicament today; whereby we are asked to believe on a daily basis that we are all under constant threat of Muslim terrorism and that the only way to solve the situation is to wage war on countless countries in the Middle East – countries that all too coincidentally were selected for regime-change years ago by Israeli strategists, as outlined in documents like the Yinon Plan in 1982, and the publications of the PNAC think-tank of more modern time. All of this bloodshed is ‘justified’ by the rather dubious official fairy tale of 9/11, brought to us by the same script-writers who were poised to blame Egypt for the attack on the U.S.S Liberty 51 years ago.

In the wake of the violence perpetrated by Israel against unarmed Palestinian protestors this past month, we see that the same mentality that inflicted such carnage on the crew of the U.S.S Liberty is still calling the shots in Israel today. It is high-time that the American people learned the facts surrounding this nearly unknown atrocity. A great way to support the troops, as we are so often told to by the mainstream media, is to exhume this event from the vaults of obscurity and do our best to bring it to the forefront of public awareness. Hopefully, with enough groundswell, the victims of this crime that are still alive today may finally see something even remotely resembling justice for what they went through over half a century ago.

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