Remedies to Treat and Prevent Springtime Allergy Symptoms Naturally Without Harsh Side Effects


Springtime is right around the corner, which means it is time to prepare for allergy seasons. Allergy season is when all kinds of natural pollen from the air causes an autoimmune response within the body with the results of coughing, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, congestion, wheezing, itchy or sore throats, hives and allergic asthma.

To help relieve spring allergies, most of you probably go to the drugstore to pick up antihistamines to help block your allergy symptoms. However, most over the counter antihistamines you find at the drugstore cause side effects and barely work for elevating allergy symptoms. Instead, try effective at home remedies that are natural, side effect free and nourishing to the immune system to prevent spring allergies.

#1 Quercetin Rich Foods

About a month before springtime allergies start, it is wise to start consuming foods rich in quercetin, which is a necessary antioxidant that helps stabilize mast cells from producing histamines that cause you severe allergy symptoms. Some of the best foods to eat that contain this potent nutrient are fresh fruits and vegetables. You can even add a quercetin supplement to your diet to ensure you are getting enough of this nutrient to keep your allergies at bay.

#2 Nettle Leaf

Steeping up a pot of nettle leaf tea is another perfect way to relieve and control allergies naturally. Stinging nettle leaf acts as a natural antihistamine that blocks the immune system’s ability to product histamine. To make a pot of nettle leaf tea you simply place an organic nettle leaf teabag into a mug and pour boiling water into the mug. After, allow the tea to steep for 20-minutes before drinking it down the way it is, or add some honey to it to help sweeten the remedy up and to add more health benefits.

#3 Raw Organic Farm Fresh Honey

Raw organic farm fresh honey from your local farm contains pollen spores that help give allergy sufferers relief from the common springtime allergies. Honey is able to do this because putting pollen spores from the honey into your body actually helps vaccinate it against the allergens in the air. The best way to take raw honey to receive the allergy relieving benefits from it is by having a few tablespoons each day. You can even add it to herbal teas that help relieve allergy symptoms naturally such as peppermint, spearmint, chamomile and ginger root.

#4 Probiotic Yogurts

If you do not know already, allergies are the result of an imbalance of healthy bacteria within the gut. The best way to help balance out the bacteria in the gut and strengthen the immune system is to consume yogurts high in probiotics a couple of times each day. If you are not a fan of eating yogurt try, eating cottage cheese or taking probiotic supplements instead. These substitutes will still provide you with the probiotics necessary for fighting off your allergy symptoms naturally.

#5 Butterbur

If you are taken singular, a popular pharmaceutical allergy relief medication, consider taking a natural alternative that works even better than singular.  That herb is butterbur. However, you cannot eat this herb it its raw form. It is best to get butterbur supplements free of the harsh toxin known as pyrrolizidine alkaloids. You can find supplements like this at your local pharmaceutical store or herbal shop. Once you have it on hand, start taking it a few times daily or as prescribed on the bottle for natural allergy relief. However, it is wise to speak with a doctor first before using this natural herbal remedy to fight your spring allergies.

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