Relationships: Why Nice Guys Often Finish Last


We incarnated into this dimension here on earth to experience contrast.

Good/bad, Happy/Sad, and so on. Whether we admit it or not, we thrive on adrenalin.
We are here to live and to experience – The good, the bad and the ugly, and grow from all of it.Think of a relationship in terms of two people sitting on a seesaw. It’s the most fun when the two people are about equal in weight and sitting on the very ends of the plank. It provides the most movement, leverage and speed. Yet, as you both move inwards you don’t experience the full ride, movement or excitement and when you get towards the very center you are so balanced and even keel it barely moves. It kind of defeats the purpose of bothering to ride at all.

Do you see the parallel I am drawing here? The wild roller coaster relationships that have their massive ups and downs may be the most traumatic/dramatic, but they are also the most intense and give you the biggest rush. People are addicted to drama because it allows a feeling of really being alive. While the middle of the road relationship may be very well balanced and harmonious… It doesn’t move or excite much… The goal I suppose is to find a happy medium.

Good luck girls! We are at odds with our base instincts.

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