A Relationship Counselor Describes the Benefit of Shared Fitness


You probably already know that exercise can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, increase your chance of living longer, and improve your mental health and mood, but did you know that exercising can also improve your relationship? Alice Dollinger, a relationship therapist in Los Angeles, described how the unexpected benefits of exercise affect your relationship.

Although it’s not popular to admit, relationships are hard. Putting someone’s needs before your own while being patient and kind can be as stressful as it is exhausting. Fortunately, the numerous benefits of physical activity will allow the two you to recharge and refresh while becoming closer as a couple.

Here are a few ways shared exercise can strengthen your relationship:

Exercising Together = More Quality Time

Perhaps the most obvious benefit embarking on your fitness journey with your partner is spending more time with each other. Whether you’re indulging in some major sweat sessions at the gym or going for a morning jog, exercising with your significant other can become a favorite past time. But don’t limit exercise to a treadmill or a stationary bike; take your workout to new places. When traveling together, take the opportunity to walk whenever and wherever you can: not only will you appreciate the sights, new surroundings will stimulate your workout.  If the idea of sharing time with your partner isn’t enough motivation to exercise regularly, work towards a goal: Participating in marathons and races can also mean fun weekend getaways.

Become a Happier Partner

Have you ever noticed how great you feel after you exercise? It’s not psychosomatic; it’s a physical reaction that is happening in your body. When you exercise, your body triggers cells to release chemicals called endorphins, which relieve a positive feeling in your body that is similar to morphine. Endorphins can diminish the perception of pain and act as sedatives. Your brain, spinal cord, and other parts of your body manufacture endorphins. While endorphins can be compared to morphine, they are not addictive nor do they lead to dependence. The relationship between physical activity and endorphins is what enables exercise to reduce stress, ward off feelings of depression, and boost self-esteem.

You’ll be More Intimate

Don’t doubt that all of your efforts will be evident in the bedroom. “You’ll appreciate each other’s bodies more,” Dollinger says, adding, “Is there anything sexier than knowing your partner has dedicated themselves to a fitness routine all week? You’ll feel proud of each other’s accomplishments.” And you’ll be proud of yourself: don’t forget about that boost of confidence and improved body image exercise grants. Additionally, your shared increase in endorphins will make things hotter. During your workout, your brain harvests endorphins that not only make you feel good but stimulate the release of sex hormones. So expect to break a sweat in the gym and the bedroom.



About the Author

Fiona McNamara is a holistic health enthusiast. Researching and practicing natural DIY remedies are a favorite pastime of hers. She appreciates the value of mindful movement like yoga, especially when that  movement is experienced with a loved one. If you want to strengthen your relationship, Fiona recommends taking the tips to meet with a relationship therapist.

Fiona McNamara