Red cabbage sauerkraut can help starve lung cancer cells


In 2015, they are estimating that there will be approximately 221,200 new cases of lung cancer.  Every year, more people die of lung cancer than colon, breast and prostate cancer combined.(1)

New research reports that scientists have found a way to stop the growth of lung cancer cells by blocking the cells alternative sources of nutrition.  Scientists report that the metabolism of cancer class is different from normal cells.  They use glucose or sugar as their main source of nutrition.  When glucose becomes scares then the cancer switch to alternative sources of nutrition.(2)

New research shows that when lung cancer cells no longer have sugar to feed on, they feed on glutamine

A team of scientists from major universities around the world studied the response of cancer cells when glucose is reduced.  The team examined the most common types of lung cancer that affects 85-90 percent of lung cancer victims.  The team found that the cells then switch from feeding on glucose to feeding on  glutamine.(2)

The team then found that an enzyme known as PEPCK reprograms the cancer cell metabolism.  The scientists found that by blocking PEPCK in cancer cells, this slows down the growth of the tumor and can cause the cancer to starve. (2)

Blocking PEPCK enzyme prevents cancer cells from reprogramming cell metabolism and allows glutamine to fight cancer instead of feed cancer

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acids in the body.  The body makes enough glutamine for regular needs but during times of extreme stress such as heavy exercise or injury, your body may need more glutamine.  Glutamic is made in the lungs and stored in the muscles.  It is necessary for removing excess ammonia and helps the immune system function well. (3)

Red cabbage sauerkraut is the best way to boost glutamine levels and provide your body lots of healthy bacteria

Most people who have cancer have low levels of glutamine.  Researchers are beginning to make recommendations to eat foods that are high in glutamine to help fight cancer.(3)  One of these foods is red cabbage!  Red cabbage is the most dense vegetable form of L-glutamine.  You can juice, shred, or ferment it.  Red cabbage sauerkraut made with apple cider vinegar is a great way to boost glutamine levels and give your body an abundance of good bacteria!(4)

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Lynn Griffith
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