Red Alert: Engineered Drought Murdering California


How To Murder A State

A state being murdered?  How can that be? It is indeed very hard for most normal people to grasp the evil intent of those at the top levels of the power structure in America, and now in most countries of the world.  For those that have overcome the psychological reluctance to look at such a reality, I will explain to you how this particular crime against humanity is being carried out.   First imagine that you have the technology and the will to set in motion a multi-billion dollar project to wipe out the water supply to all of California, and as a “side effect,” poison the soil so plants and trees can no longer survive.  This will help accomplish many aspects of your larger agenda of consolidated control of the population, in this case through food and water scarcity which justifies government control to further micromanage our lives “for our safety.”   In the meantime, you can just blame nature for the killer drought, so the public never realizes what is going on.  To make sure no one notices that the natural soil pH is changing and trees and crops are being poisoned by aluminum in the soil (which would implicate the jets which are spraying the aluminum every day), just stop all official government testing for aluminum, and make sure nothing of the kind is covered on the media.

Most of the public cannot imagine that any such coordinated crime against humanity could be real.  They see what appears to be incompetence and disorganization among our so-called rulers, who seem incapable of master minding everyday projects, let alone any such global assault.  But this is because they do not see our real rulers.  They see only their low-level puppets, who appear to fight amongst themselves over trivia and often act like idiots.  My own research over decades, like that of others who have done the work to investigate, indicates that those in the top positions of power are focused, coordinated, malevolent and have passed on their agenda and its goals from one generation to the next over hundreds or thousands of years.  At one time, I traced them back under various names for at least four thousand years.  Fritz Springmeier’s “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” ( tells some of the story for those interested in at least a partial history of those at higher levels in the actual power structure.

Without Water, California Agriculture Dies

What matters much more than the perpetrators’  history, though, is what they are doing now, and what we can do to increase the chances of our own survival and that of all life on our planet.  In the case of the engineered drought, we need to understand that the lack of rain this season in California is not natural.  California usually gets almost all of its rain from late fall through the first half of spring.  The water is stored in reservoirs throughout the state, and in the form of the snow pack and soil moisture in the sierra mountains, to a lesser extent the coast range mountains, and in the mountains at the northern end of the state.  This stored water supports an agriculture industry that supplies much of the fresh food for America, mostly from deep valley soils that are among the richest in the world.

The storms that fill those reservoirs and provide the mountain snow come off the Pacific Ocean every winter, in the form of counter-clockwise rotating cyclonic systems that move eastward from the coast to the sierra mountains, dropping abundant rain or snow as they move east.  Our lives depend on this pattern.

Aerosol Particles Can Re-locate Storms

Tiny aerosol particles, whether they come from a natural source like a volcanic eruption or from an artificial source such as the payloads dropped by planes engaged in geoengineering activities (“chemtrails”), are well known to decrease or totally eliminate rainfall from clouds (  In this case they delay its fall so long that the eastern part of the country is now receiving what would normally have been the California winter rain.  The tiny particles make this happen because the water vapor needs to condense around solid particles in order to for the vapor to gather into larger drops  heavy enough to fall to Earth as rain.

The chemtrail planes carry nano-sized (extremely small) particles of aluminum and other toxic heavy metals along with biologicals like viruses and “mystery fibers,” etc.  When these tiny particles enter the clouds, they supply too many nuclei to the water vapor, and the drops that form around them are too numerous and small to become rain.  They continue riding the west-to-east wind across America and finally gather into big enough drops to become rain or snow.  California is thus in a parched condition, with disaster fast approaching, and the public lulled to sleep by the criminal mainstream media reporting on the drought as a natural occurrence that just happens once in a while by itself.  But then, if you are informed, you know that today’s mainstream media in America is the owned and controlled mouthpiece of a few huge corporations (, and its job is to follow corporate orders, and tell you what to believe.  Its function has nothing at all to do with telling you the truth.  Relying on it for your information on what is going on in the world is a huge mistake, unless of course you really don’t want to know.

Contrails vs. Chemtrails: What’s Really the Difference?

Once you know how to spot chemtrail activity in the sky over your head, it becomes truly amazing to you that most people have no idea such blatant activity is going on at all.  The basics are simple.  Traditionally, jet aircraft leave very little visible trails behind them.  Water vapor comes out of their engines in the exhaust, and can be visible from the ground as a very short white exhaust trail of condensed water vapor (“contrail” for short).  If you hold your fingers up to a trail like this from the ground, you can “measure” it and it seems to be maybe an inch or two long.  Or sometimes it’s not visible at all.  But if the plane is spraying solid particulate matter, the appearance is different.  Solid particles, even really small ones, don’t just disappear into the surrounding air.  Instead, they usually stay visible, reflecting light as they fan out, and can stay visible for hours, sometimes all day.  The length of these solid trails varies, and some more recent ones become similar to natural overcast fairly quickly, but often they can stretch from horizon to horizon, all across the sky, slowly spreading out to appear like silver-gray overcast or like normal cloud cover.  When it was discovered that these solid trails were composed of various metals and chemicals, the term “chemtrails” was born.   The difference in appearance from the ground of contrails and chemtrails is obvious.  One disappears quickly, the other hangs around or “persists,” often for many hours, and it spreads and stays visible, usually getting mistaken for normal cloud cover after a while, especially if more than one plane is spraying in the same area, increasing the coverage.  You might have heard the long trails called “persistent contrails,” but this is an oxymoron (self-contradicting term), because contrails are made of water vapor, and do not persist like solid particles do.

As soon as you understand the difference in appearance, you can spot chemtrails easily.  In the 1990’s, they started appearing over large areas of the U.S., and have now spread to most parts of the world.  The overall chemtrails project is huge and massively funded by governments and international corporations, coordinated internationally from higher power structure levels that the public believes do not exist.  At this point, even with no cooperation from any level of government in the U.S., and with the media and mainstream “scientists” making fun of anyone that believes chemtrails are real as a conspiracy theorist and a crazy person, a lot of serious investigation into this phenomenon has taken place.   Private labs paid by private citizens have done tests on soil, water and air samples in heavily sprayed areas, showing very high accumulations of toxic metals, mostly aluminum, barium and strontium compounds, along with other sophisticated chemical ingredients, fibers, viral material and more.  Patents have been discovered, mostly belonging to government and/or corporate entities, for the very metal compounds found in the samples that have been tested (  Clear photographic evidence of the spraying in progress, from nozzles, not from engine exhaust,  is now available.  Whistle blowers from inside the military and its contractors have been willing to describe what they know and have done as part of this project (  The debate over whether or not the chemtrails spraying is real, is over.

The Geoengineering “Scientists”

In spite of this fact, the media and corrupted “scientists” and other government spokespeople continue to label the belief that this spraying is going on as nonsense ( ), saying the government denies it, so it is “highly unlikely” any such thing is happening.  At this point, though, they have begun admitting that geoengineering might be necessary in the future to fight global warming.   The idea is that the metals reflect the sun’s heat away from the Earth – at present time about 22% of the normal sun’s rays no longer reach the Earth (  This should concern us, to put it mildly, but again, that is only a “possibility for the future,” which they call by the respectable term “geoengineering,” giving it an aura of scientific depth and value.  But it is just chemtrails by another name.  I understand that at times we may need to call it by their official name if we need to converse with these so-called scientists or others involved in this massive crime.  But it bothers me personally to confer on it such a high-sounding official label.  Something like calling a carjacker who wants to murder your family a “vehicle entry engineer.”  Those involved in these crimes and their apologist fake scientists are just your run of the mill mass murderers, and in my mind should be seen for what they are.

Meanwhile in the real world, massive trails are often so heavy and numerous that they can change a totally clear sky to one that appears to be  obscured by clouds.  Except there are no clouds, just chemtrails.  Two days ago I had the opportunity to watch as thin horizon to horizon trails gradually spread out over a totally clear sky, within a few hours transforming a clear day to one of total overcast as unsuspecting people going about their business just considered it to be cloudy weather.

In Case You Enjoy Eating Food

When the toxic heavy metals like aluminum and others in the spray build up in soil, they gradually make normal plant growth impossible.  This is really bad if you are a human being, because even if you eat mostly meat, your diet is 100% dependent on plants.  Monsanto and its allies happen to be developing GMO crops that will resist soil aluminum that would kill normal plants (  What fortunate timing for them!  They are also working with universities like Cornell and others, developing GMO trees to replace forest trees.  The GMO trees will contain pesticides and kill any bug that bites them.  The poison then can move through the rest of the food chain, ending up one way or another (along with the heavy weedkiller concentrations used to grow GMO crops) in you and me.

But the most immediate threat, in California, and for anyone that eats fresh food from Calfornia, is the blocking of storms.

Time Running Out For The Rain

At the time of this writing, only about one half of California’s normal rainy season for this year remains.  If the chemtrail spraying were to stop now, as soon as low pressure is off the California coast, rain can be expected. That does not, unfortunately mean that it would happen immediately, as there is now strong evidence that “high pressure domes” similar to the one over California at the present time, can be artificially created with the HAARP systems as elements of weather warfare, and the HAARP system in Alaska is no doubt ultimately under the control of the same high level rulers that direct the chemtrails programs.  Suffice it to say for now that in addition to any problems caused by HAARP-generated high pressure ridges or domes, normal storms moving in during the first half of this rainy season have been blocked by chemtrails, and the chemtrails responsible have showed up on satellite weather photos when this is occurring  (at the time of this writing, it is the high pressure dome that is predominant).  But again, most of the public is utterly unaware this is going on.  If it is not stopped in time for rain before the normal California summer dry spell, consequences will be more serious, so there is no time to waste.

Start Your Education And Look UP

Everyone should become fully educated on chemtrails, or geoengineering, whichever name you prefer to use.  A good way to start is to get a copy of the video “Look Up.”  It is actually an educational video plus an interactive tool to help alert your so-called government representatives, sending them pictures of what is happening every day in the sky, that could become hard for even government officials to ignore, if they receive millions of such pictures and demands for action, from us.  Frequent the web sites and, both of which are sources of extensive backup information on all that we are discussing here.  Spread the word on talk shows.  Since most big talk shows on major media censor their calls, don’t give away your subject to the censor.  Let people know what is going on.  Don’t be dissuaded by arrogant talk show hosts or government officials who have a vested interest in hiding the truth.  It’s too important to be affected by them.  Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper, and use any other media you can to let everyone know we are under air attack, and it has to stop.

Help Raise Money For  A Mass Awareness Campaign

Second, there will be a campaign started soon to raise money to place advertising on every appropriate medium of exposure, so that people will begin to fully absorb the connection between the spraying and the drought, and above all that this is NOT a natural event.  The campaign will seek money from supporters who can afford to donate without endangering their own survival.  Large donations will be especially needed if success is to be achieved quickly, before the current rainy season ends.  Others can help by spreading awareness and perhaps locating those in a position to help financially.  Without all of our participation and help, California as an abundant producer of our fresh food could be finished.  EVERYONE needs to know.  The warning should be in letters to the editor everywhere, every day.  It should be the subject of talk shows everywhere, every day.  Even the fake government “representatives” should be flooded with persistent phone calls and millions of emails demanding action.  This is as serious as an air raid with conventional bombs, and more so in many ways.  For example,  the entire atmosphere of the Earth is now full of toxic metals, and not one more of these malicious flights should be allowed in the air.  Our exposure campaign is not expected to change the character of those perpetrating the spraying going on, but it might embarrass them into temporarily backing off on what they are doing long enough for California to get at least part of the normal season’s rain, making it less obvious what the spraying was about to accomplish.  The theory is that they are not ready yet for large numbers of us to know what they are doing.

Your Motive Matters

Take time to learn and act on these things.  Not because you have hatred for the ones responsible, many of whom are just badly deceived human beings themselves, but because of those you love too much to see our home planet destroyed.  Care about these things for your family, your fellow human beings, and the beautiful Earth that was given to us as our home while we are alive in these physical bodies.  Letting government and corporate criminals carry on this destruction while we remain oblivious and distracted is not a good plan.  Instead we need to begin all possible efforts to heal ourselves and the delicate web of life we should never have allowed to be poisoned, as if we considered it of no consequence.  Remember those you care about, and help spread the awareness and response we need, as your gift to them, and to yourself.  We are the ones that must make this change, and at this point, every day helps decide what the outcome will be.





Richard Sacks