Recipe to Make Cannabis Oil for Chemo Alternative


The sad fact is that cancer is one of those diseases where the treatment seems to be as hard to endure as the disease itself. Traditional cancer treatment options like chemo can have terrible side effects, include hair loss, mouth sores, and extreme nausea and vomiting due to damage to the gastrointestinal system from the chemo drugs themselves.

That is why so many patients are turning to alternative treatments like cannabis oil to help them battle their disease. The recipe for this oil, given below, is from Rick Simpson, a practitioner who has helped treatment patients suffering from cancer (and an array of other diseases) and who is a passionate proponent for the use of medical marijuana.

Recipe to Make Cannabis Oil for Chemo Alternative


  • 1 ounce hemp herb
  • 500 ml solvent, such as naptha, butane or ether

Place the herb in a plastic bucket. Dampen the herb with small amount of solvent. Crush herb with an untreated wooden stick and continue to crush while slowly adding rest of solvent. Stir the mixture for about three minutes to dissolve the THC from the hemp into the solvent.

Pour this solvent into another bucket (at this point, you have removed roughly 80% of the THC from the plant material. Now add another batch of solvent to the herb and crush and stir again to remove the remaining 20% or so of THC. Pour this second mixture into the same container holding the first. Discard plant material. Pour solvent mixture through a coffee filer to clean.

Boil the solvent off by pouring it carefully into a rice cooker and turn it on high heat in a well-ventilated area. Pour in a little at a time and as the solvent evaporates, it will leave a residue of THC behind. Add a small amount of water and swirl around to make sure everything has been dissolved.

When solvent has been completely boiled off, turn cooker on low heat, then gently remove the inner pot and pour its contents into a stainless steel container. Place this in a dehydrator and after a few hours, the water and solvent will be gone and leave just the THC oil behind. Suck up oil into plastic syringe to make it easy to dispense. Once it has cooled, it will have a thick and somewhat greasy consistency.

Use of Cannabis Oil

Simpson has used cannabis oil to treat cancer patients and believes that oral ingestion of this oil helps the body to battle this disease by letting the active compounds like THC seek out and destroy cancer cells while leaving healthy tissue unaffected. While it does have some side effects – such as people feeling sedated or euphoric or reporting an increase in appetite, these side effects certainly are not as severe or hard to live with as the side effects of chemo.

This is an unusual alternative to chemo, admittedly, but when looking at how people suffer when going through this mainstream treatment, it is easy to see why the demand for natural alternatives like cannabis oil is so great.

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