Ready To Share Weight Loss Tips/Tricks


Hello my beautiful readers,

This blog is going to be different from others.  It is not about me, me, and me.  It will be about you too.  I want to help others lose weight and even stop those from falling off the healthy eating wagon.  I don’t want people to continue suffering as I had when I weighed 272 pounds.

Who am I?  I was called “The Biggest Winner” by Oxygen Magazine, May issue.  I am one who was ridiculed by many, called a loser along with other names.  I was treated badly over the years, from childhood to adulthood, by children, adults, and even some family members.  Being overweight and later obese was a hardship along with the taunts of others.  I lost the weight and did it my way.  I did not follow anyone’s plan.  I figured it out for myself.  It took three and a half years to lose over 120 pounds and it has been over three years of maintaining.  I went from a size 26 pants to a size 4, a size 3X shirt to a size small.  I no longer have to special order my size and it is a thrill to walk into any department store and easily find my size.  I can move around and do a lot more, which is a thrill.  I love the feeling and wish to share tips and tricks with others.  I wrote a 250 page manuscript that I want to get published so I can share with others.  Literary agents say I am not famous enough.  It is sad.  A lot of celebrity books about weight loss are so unsatisfying, so unhelpful.  Here I am with lots of tips/tricks to share, and I am rejected because I am not famous.  I wish to be an “advice columnist” of weight loss.  If you have an event or a bad habit, for instance, that you need advice for, I am here.  Question me and I will post.  You most likely have a question that others have as well.  I am here for you and in the meantime, I still push forward to get my book published.  Feel free to friend and message me with questions on my Facebook account.  We have a lot to share!

Lori Sweeney
I was titled "The Biggest Winner" by Oxygen Magazine, May 2014. Why is this? It is because I lost over 120 pounds and did it my way! I figured it out for myself after trying and failing at diets of all sorts. The beauty of this is that I defied naysayers who degraded me over the years. Children, adults, and even some family members ridiculed me for my weight and I was a joke and loser to many. I proved them all wrong and defied negative predictions and obstacles. It took me over three and a half years to lose over 120 pounds and I have kept it off over three years! I wrote a 250 page manuscript of all my tips and tricks that I would like to have published so I can help others. Literary agents have turned me down, saying I am not famous enough, yet celebrity weight loss books offer lousy advice like getting stomach surgery and hiring a weight loss trainer. It is my wish to get my book published to motivate others and not have them continue to suffer as I had at 272 pounds. In the meantime, I wish to motivate through this blog as I continue my book publishing journey!