Reaching Orgasm with a Female Brain


The brain lights up when humans have orgasm. One would believe that the area(s) that are stimulated, would be the same for both male and females. This is not the case. Men and women have very different brains and the areas that brighten are very different between the two sexes.


Studies show that out of all the times men and women have sex, men orgasm 90% of the time. Most people can relate to this, it’s quite obvious. But women only orgasm 25% of the time—some never do.


So let’s increase this rate.


Tell your partner what you want.

This can be very difficult, especially at first. You can guide his hand; tell him that it ‘feels so good.’ Don’t say it to please him. If you’re not honest in what actually feels good, he’ll have no clue.


Make sure you remind him. Men forget, that’s just part of how their brain works. A reminder shouldn’t do anything less than turn him on.


Women need foreplay

It takes women longer to climax and kissing jump starts this. The lips are extremely sensitive, start there.


Stay to the Right

Studies show that kissing the right side of the neck or spine causes higher arousal in comparison to the left side.


Wear Socks

Women whose feet were warm before and during intercourse were 30% more likely to orgasm. Likely due to the fact that the part of the brain related to the feet is next to the part of the female brain that is stimulated during orgasm.


A foot-rub could do wonders before and during intercourse.



It is a well known fact that men are ‘visual’ creatures. This is why pornography is marketed to men.

Women on the other hand, have a very unique quality. A female can become aroused by mere thought. She does not need to be touched physically. Females can become aroused, even orgasm, from an image they create in their heads. Romance novels sell to women for this reason.


Ladies get those thoughts going.


Breathe Deeply

Different scents can have a dramatic effect on the female orgasm. Finding the scent that works for a specific woman is key, it’s not a one scent fits all. “Many women grow weak at the smell of baby powder.” Once you find the scent that works, breathe it in deeply.


Other smells to try are: vanilla, cinnamon, orange, roses, musk, peppermint, jasmine, cucumbers, licorice, and his cologne.


Candles not only release scents, but provide romantic lighting.



Thinking about the to-do list, work, or family problems is not going to help you reach orgasm. Be in the moment, concentrate on the felling of your cliterous, and allow the moment to engulf all five senses.


Having an orgasm three times a week, can make you look ten years younger.



Unleash the Power of the Female Brain: Supercharging Yours for Better Health, Energy, Mood, Focus, and Sex by Daniel G. Amen

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Julie Dawn
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