Questions to ask before opting for Assisted Living


Before pronouncing the verdict on choosing Assisted Living, it is advisable that you ask a few questions so that there never arises a situation to regret over the decision.

Does your loved one, or you want to leave home?

The elders in the family build up a group around them that supports them all the time. The group includes friends, relatives, neighbors, the church community, and the family, etc. These support groups are known to support one another whenever there arises the need to do or execute some physical things or activities. However; the studies and researches exhibit, that there is something greater than the physical support. In fact, the physiological support from them becomes quite vital. Moreover, the feelings of belonging to a family or a group renders real comfort of living.

2. Do you or your loved one require all of the services of Assisted Living?

Many of the people don’t really realize that they need the services of ILF (Independent Living Facilities) and ALF (Assisted Living Facilities). However, with the passage of time most of the people do realize the inevitability of these services, and finally there remains no alternatives but to get the help from these services. Beginning from some help like transportation, shopping  and medication reminders etc, they gradually feel the need of other services like housekeeping, cooking, laundry and home maintenance, etc. It is advisable that you get only such services that are the exigency of the moment rather than getting also those services that you do not actually need. ALFs render a great range of services. For instance; if you wish to get lockdown service and 22×7 care for an Alzheimer patient, you can get it from ALFs. The Private companies like KHSC render the highest quality care services 24×7, and are known to be the best individualized caretakers, however; they prove to be quite expensive.

Do you believe you or your loved one will do better at Assisted Living than at home?

The three main reasons make assisted living preferable to merely getting help at home:

  1. Your home is no longer a safe place for you or your loved one.
  2. Your loved one or you, have no attachment to either neighborhood or to home.
  3. Full ALF services are your or your loved one’s requirements. And if you or your loved one opts for ALF for any other reasons:
  1. Do you or your loved one have the funds for Assisted Living?

Observing the current scenario, the Assited Living Facility costs about $3500 per month at an average, whereas the in-home assistance is not more than $1600 a month, and yet, the services can be obtained as per one’s desire.

Some of the people are of the view that the assisted living facilities are free of cost, however; this is not at all true. Yes, the Medicaid may cover some ALF’s costs, but that is only when an individual has stooped to the level of ‘Spent Down’. And hence, there is no meaning that the Medicaid pays for the costs of ALF. Medicaid comes to the fore only when an individual has nothing more to spend. But showing ‘Spent Down’ is not that easy. The government may look for the last five years’ transaction of how you spent the assets. And, if there are some evidences of gifting the assets to someone, or there appear some unfair practices in redistribution; the Medicaid may try to recover the same, and it would fund the care only when everything has been recovered.

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