How to Put Garage Design in Eco Friendly House Plans


Are you building a new home intended to be green and are wondering if a garage is worth the extra time or effort? Far from solely being used as a place to store a vehicle, garage builders are finding that a space with a concrete floor that has a large door has many versatile uses in an eco-friendly home. To get a better idea of how garages and sheds can be designed to fit a green lifestyle, keep reading. Written below are ideas for a garage floor design and other ways to incorporate eco-friendly ideas into your overall home design.

Installing energy-efficient garage technology

Over the past 10 years, there have been innovations in making a garage a part of having a green home. Some of these new techniques include energy efficient doors for the garage. However, if it is designed to be green, garages can be outfitted from top to bottom with recycled materials for building and a design that means it is fully insulated. Despite this, it is also a versatile space that can have more green applications than using it to store the lawnmower or family car.

Space for future home office, living space or yoga

Adding a garage to your new home design plans also means creating a space that might be used for something else in the future. For example, homeowners with small children might want to use the garage for living space when children get older. Building a garage with the environment in mind might mean having a shed roof design with a skylight. This feature could be helpful in saving electricity if the garage will be used to have friends over to do yoga or as a home office.

Extra space for solar panels

Designing a garage for green purposes also means that you will have extra roof space. To utilize this extra space that you have added to your home, solar panels are usually recommended. This is also helpful if you are building your home in a way to avoid having the solar panels blocked by trees during certain times of the day.

Creating a breezeway or airlock

One helpful advantage to designing your own garage from the beginning is making it work for your future. For instance, building a garage that attaches to the home through a breezeway or airlock can help prevent utilities from escaping out of entry doors. In addition to saving on utilities, this can also help with security issues related to opening doors to the outside and having pets or children escape.

Storage area for green technology

There are always arguments for garages or sheds because they are attractive topics for garage storage ideas. Every family has their mountains of storage boxes, but a home with green intentions likely has items they would like kept separate from the living areas. Good examples include solar panel batteries and equipment, rainwater collection basins or large-scale water filters.

A home for yard-to-table animals

Is a garage another type of barn? When you are thinking about choosing an American barn for your home and you live in the suburbs, it is usually with the intentions of having a few helpful farm animals around like chickens, a goat or an alley cat. Having fresh eggs for breakfast is ideal for many yard-to-table advocates, but having the neighbors complain about the chickens and their morning squawking could have you wondering if a garage or barn would have been better than a handmade shed. Garage-style barns are also ideal for helping out local pet shelters that need temporary pet fostering hosts.

Hooking your garage door up to your smartphone

Have you had moments where you turned the car around because you could not remember if you closed the garage door? This costs the environment because turning your car around uses non-renewable energy sources. In addition, having an open garage door lets utilities literally fly out of the door. Instead, your next garage design can include environmentally friendly apps that let you know if the garage door is open and also gets rid of the need to have a battery-operated remote that you keep in your car.

Your next garage design with green in mind

Now that you have a better understanding of the kinds of environmentally friendly options provided for designing green garages, the next step is to contact your architect and contractor. They are happy to help you with any questions you may have, and they will have comprehensive pricing that fits your budget as well as your needs. Whether it is creating a space for green technology or a garage that keeps your utility budget under wraps year after year, they will have the designs you require.


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