Purslane, a proven ancient cancer medicine


This leafy vegetable contains more omega 3 than fish oil. Furthermore, the kind of omega 3 is of much higher quality than that of any fish oil. What your supplement producer doesn´t tell you is that there is no real omega 3 in fish oil; it is a derivative of which our body is perfectly capable to produce it ourselves, from real omega 3 out of purslane, seeds and nuts.

In fact fish oil has side effects. People who use it too much loose concentration easily and get dizzy every day. Therefore fish oil is not improving cognitive functions at all, a statement which is confirmed by numerous scientific studies.

Nutrients purslane

Purslane contains a number of important nutrients. It is very rich in omega 3, potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron. Researchers say that nutrient content in full grown plants is higher than in young plants.

Anti-cancer vegetable

In Persia, people used this weed that grows everywhere against asthma and other airway problems. Scientific research of today confirms that this vegetable is healthy for the lungs. More important is the fact that Persian doctors prescribed purslane against cancer. This is of great scientific importance. There is a strong connection between omega 3 deficiency and cancer. When you want to know everything about this relation you have to read the book ´The hidden story about cancer´, by Brian Peskin.

Omega 3, purslane and cancer

In short the omega 3 story goes as follows: Otto Warburg, president of the famous Max Planck Institute and Nobel prize winner, found out that omega 3 provides a doorway to deliver oxygen to every body cell. When we lack intake of omega 3, the oxygen levels in the cells reduce. When they become lower than 65% of normal oxygen level, all the conditions are set for the body cell to turn into a cancerous tumor cell. Is it not beautiful that a very old traditional medicine against cancer does contain more omega 3 than all other vegetables? There is more than one academic study that confirms the anti-cancer properties of purslane.

Anti-depression food

Apart from being a natural medicine of global importance, purslane is just healthy. In 100 gram we find 44% of the RDA of vitamin A and 35% for vitamin C. There is a great amount of omega 3, natural fenylalanine, magnesium, calcium and potassium in purslane. These are components that fight depression. Together with other brain food like sesame seeds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, garlic and ginkgo biloba tea, this vegetable is able to cure depressions without any of the horrible effects which synthetic anti-depression presents.

Purslane and other diseases

Purslane protects the liver. This tasty vegetable contains the building blocks of glutathion, our strongest bodily antioxidant. Most glutahion is found in the liver. The list of medicinal benefits of purslane is too long for a short article. Here are some of the medicinal uses:

  • Purslane might prevent Alzheimer´s disease
  • It prevents cardiovascular diseases
  • It is good against reflux.
  • It works aganst diarrea.
  • It detoxes the blood.
  • It might become a future medicine against diabetes type 2
  • A tea or poultice of purslane is a traditional skin medicine against burns, earache, insect stings, inflammations, skin sores, ulcers, pruritis (itching skin), eczema and abscesses.

Medicinal kitchen advise

You can eat purslane raw, as a salad leaf. you can mix it with other salad leafs like watercress, Chinese cabbage, Romaine lettuce or spinach. But also  When you boil it, it is tender enough after one minute. When you eat it raw or boil it shortly, most of its nutrients will stay active. Enjoy your medicine!!!

My field of interest is the healing power of food. Latest scientific research shows that many food has medicinal values. I am researching whether people can get well by eating the right kinds of foods at the right time. What I have found during my research I write down in articles.