Psoriasis-Treatment by Naturopathy


In past I have treated many cases of psoriasis by naturopathy. Psoriasis is auto immune disorder disease and the root causes are not known. The skin cells as a cycle of 28 days during which the cells are produced matured and dead. This is a continuous cycle and everyday the dead cells are parted with and its place is taken by new cells which form skin covering the human body. Due to some abnormal reasons this cycle go on changing and even comes to 4 days instead of 28 days. Patient has high itching problem, no slips, loss of diet and loss of drinking water due to nausetic condition. Tremendous amount of heat generated in the body added with above problems.

While treating the patient earlier I used to cool the body by covering wet cloth. The patient was given a light massage of wheat grass juice mixed with termaric and Trifala Churna (a Aurvedic drug) and coconut oil. The patients were also given hyperbaric oxygen therapy and ozone rectal insupplation. Orally also patient was advised to take ample water and Greene vegetable soup/ fruits The results were excellent and the patients were free from psoriasis.

I am running 79 age now and did not have any physical problems except eyes. Since last 2 to 3 years i suffered a problem of Gall stones and as a result hyper acidity with ulceration in stomach etc. I manage this problem with naturopathy, However in Aug. 2014 I suffered a problem of dandruff with fungal formation around the skull. While managing this problem its spread on the entire body more precisely on front and back.The itching was horrible couple with injuries and glue type secretion. There was heavy fall of dead cells and the protocol used for others was not giving response . Day by day I was loosing my strength and almost had come to a bed ridden stage.

The weight loss was rapid and I was almost thinking that perhaps I may not recover. While itching there was smell of ammonia and the glue type secretion was highly acidic. I concluded due to high concentration of acid below the skin the skin cells were not maturing and the itching was to throw away those immature cells from the body.

I also thought the following factors are responsible for this condition.
1. High acidic condition due to starvation and dehydration.
2. Low intake of food and water due to nausetic condition.
3. Loss of immunity

To reduce the acidic condition I concentrated on juice of green leafy vegetables and fruits, ample coconut water and oxygen circulation around the body. Slowly slowly the problem started reducing and in a period of c weeks I overcame the problem entirely. Of course the other protocol as mentioned above was also continued. Now I am free from the problem except some weakness.

According to me over acidic condition was basic problem couple with generation of excessive sweat in the body. When this two problems are managed by taking ample coconut water and green vegetable juice and fruits I overcome the problem. Presently I have some more cases of psoriasis and my treatment is giving fantastic results.

Please refer following testimonials:

Testimonial no.1
The patient was suffering from psoriasis from march 2013 and was under Allopathic/Aurvedic treatment at Nagpur. The disease has spread on back/front side, and hand and legs. More accurately on portion below knees.The patient was referred to me by Dr.Sachin Bakshi. She came to Pune and started taking treatment from 14th July 2014 to 23 Aug. 2014. She was given tropical treatment of massage with wheatgrass juice, triphala powder and oil of wheat grass juice.Wet cotton beds sheet below and above the body with cold ice pack(for 7 days) on abdomen She was also given hyperbaric oxygen therepy on legs below the knee portion. Oxygen input was 15 litrrs per minute and was given for 1 hour everyday.Orally she was given 2 litrs. of coconut water everyday, green vegetable soup and fruits. Carbohydrates proportion was reduced and more concentration was given on green vegetables and fruits. for bowel cleaning she was given castor oil at night.
The assessment was made on the basis of observation and experience of the patient.
 ​After the treatment at my clinic she was advised to continue the treatment at her residence for another three months. She is now free from disease without recurrence.
Testimonial no.2
This is a similar case as above and totally cured without recurrence. The tratment was given from 3ed Dec.2014 to 17th Dec.2014.
The assessment was made on the basis of observation and experience of the patient.
Testimonial no.3
This is advanced stage case. The boy was suffering from jan.2014 and was under allopathic treatment.There was no relief but everyday was more and more problematic. The boy did not have sleep and was crying all the time due to itching and pains. The entire body had become like a coal with swelling, cuts, oozing, bleeding etc.The entire family was under great pressure and the parents of the boy approached me. I started the treatment and in just three weeks time the body structure has changed and is returning to normal. The boy is still under my treatment everyday and I am very happy to say that due to my treatment the boy and and his parents are living happily. The boy is now having a good sleep and good appetite. He is not fully recovered but there is a 70% improvement His photograph is given here.
The assessment was made on the basis of observation and experience of the patient.
My own experience is already given in the article.
Dr. Purushottam Anant Deshpande