Protein Powder Shakes: Why It Is Bad for You


Gym bunnies and fitness enthusiasts are addicted to bulking up. They want to get ripped and well-defined muscles so much that they increase their protein intake for fast muscle development.

And in bulking up, they usually resort to steroids and protein shakes to augment their protein intake. To an extent, taking protein shakes is good for muscle development. However, in the long run, it can also have adverse effects. Here are some reasons why protein powder shakes are bad for you.

Overly Processed

The first reason why protein powder is bad for you is, it’s processed. Unlike regular organic meat or whole plant-based proteins, where the source is pure and natural, protein shakes are highly processed and heated to the point that most of the protein is denatured.

Once the protein is denatured, it is impossible for the body to recognize the protein and use it. What happens is it would just be stuck in our bodies, and increase the level of toxins and acids present inside it, and this usually leads to unwanted complications.

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Not Approved or Regulated

Another reason why protein powder is bad for you is that most of these products are not even screened or regulated by the FDA. Always remember that without the FDA’s stamp of approval, any complications or negative effects on our body would not be assured or guaranteed by the FDA.

In short, if ever something happens, the FDA cannot help us in pursuing for damages because it is not approved in the first place so it shouldn’t have been consumed.

Not Pure Protein

A third reason why protein powder is bad for you would be the fact that it is not just purely made of protein. A multitude of ingredients go with protein powder and it is filled to the brim with preservatives, allergens, and sometimes even dairy or soy, which would be very detrimental to those who are allergic to milk, soy, as well as genetically modified organisms. This is very alarming as there are cases where one might be allergic to dairy and milk, and may have unwanted inflammations.

Some protein powders also contain synthetic toxins and might prove very harmful to the body. Ingredients like aspartame, saccharin and artificial flavoring are poisonous, especially when they build up inside your body.

Taking in protein powder indeed is beneficial for those who like to bulk up fast. However, it must be taken with the appropriate precaution.

With every good idea, there is an appropriate consequence. And using protein powder might not be the best choice in the long run. Sure, you may get your dream, ripped abs and back with the perfect bodybuilder body, but five to ten years down the road, you might see your health deteriorating faster than the time it took you to grow those abs and muscles. You must be very careful as it is scientifically proven that it might have adverse effects and unwanted consequences.

A better option would be a slow and sure way of building and developing your muscles. Make sure to get your protein from natural sources to make sure that those muscles will stay longer, and help you live longer.

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