How To Protect Yourself To Promote Your Healing


In my morning meditation, I was given the word protection. So I thought about that word and realized many people may not know that protecting yourself from outside influences is such an essential element to healing. Here’s why.

Did you know outside influences have a significant impact on your energy levels?

If you surround yourself with negative influences, your energy levels diminish. But if you surround yourself with positive influences, your energy levels can remain at current levels and may even get boosted.

So what you come in contact with each day does matter. But what does it mean to protect yourself from outside influences?

Before we get into that, let’s think about your energy when you are sick. The higher your energy levels, the better your metabolism runs and the stronger your immune system will be.

Here’s is a visual for you to consider.

Promote Healing by Running at Full Speed

Imagine your body is a mixer in your kitchen. When you prepare a batter for baking, you need to mix it up well. If you run that mixer at a high speed, it gets the job done quickly and efficiently. You can do a whole lot of mixing at that speed.

But flip that switch to low and it doesn’t mix that batter very well, especially if the batter is thick. It has to work so hard just to move the mixture around. And if the batter is too thick, that motor might even give out on you.

When you’re sick and trying to heal, you don’t want to be the mixer running at a low speed. You want to be the mixer with the switch flipped to high getting the job done.

So how do you protect yourself to keep your energy levels high?

Stop the Madness

When you’re first diagnosed with an illness or a medical condition, it can be pretty upsetting. Sometimes it’s even downright scary. Your mind starts to play games with you, and your thoughts fill with questions like:

Am I going to get worse?

What will my quality of life be if I have this disease?

Will I die from this?

What other symptoms can I expect?

Oh no, why me?

If you listen to the doctors talk about your condition, they label you.

I’ve got CANCER, I’ve got an AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE, I have ALZHEIMER’S. At that point, it gets even scarier. You start to identify with the illness and it’s almost like you become the disease.

Then you go home and immediately start to do research. You visit websites like WebMD and read all the disturbing details about your symptoms and what treatments are available. You continue to read only to learn what other diseases it could lead to, what the prognosis is, and how it’s more serious than you previously thought.

This is madness!

Protect Yourself From Negative Influences

If you are in need of healing, be careful. You don’t want to keep bombarding yourself with negative surroundings.

Researching online is a good thing, but when it’s excessive, it is a form of negativity that will only bring you down.

If the key to healing is raising your energy levels, you need to focus on good things, happy things. Putting images in your mind that are uplifting thoughts like when you were healthy and happy. Think of all the things you still have to do that are fun and purposeful and keep focused on getting better, not dwelling on how bad it is and how it could get worse.

I read this research article where it states, “Most clinicians would probably agree that what patients think will happen can influence what does happen over the clinical course.”

If your thoughts center on the grim information your doctor tells you, you lower your energy level. If you are dwelling on all the negative information you read online about potential health outcomes, you reduce your energy level.

Get the idea?

Even when you’re healthy but just experiencing a minor symptom, there’s nothing more depressing than going online to find out what it could be. You read a whole litany of sobering possibilities and are convinced you’re dying of some rare disease the doctors won’t be able to treat.

Bam! Your energy levels just crashed because now you are scared, angry or depressed.

I’m not telling you to ignore your doctor or not listen to what he or she has to say. I am only suggesting you not let it become the center of your attention. Disturbing thoughts, like the ones you experience after receiving a bad diagnosis, only poison your mind and zap your energy levels. It doesn’t leave your body at its peak performance levels to fight off any disease.

Stop Dwelling On The Negative

I’d like to share a story about a friend who was terminally ill with cancer.

One day, I was speaking to him on the phone. He spent a half hour telling me about what the doctor had said about his disease. He was talking about so many things like how long he could expect to live, what other symptoms he would experience, and even described what the disease was doing to his body. He went on and on about his illness for a long time.

I finally stopped him and told him he shouldn’t dwell on what the doctor said but start focusing on better more positive things.

Quit talking about your disease and telling everyone how bad it is. You are deflating your energy with negativity.

Some people need to talk about things to get it out of their system. And that’s okay, talk about it!

But once you get it out of your system, move on. Don’t keep repeating it over and over again to other people. Each time you do it just lowers your energy.

Keep It Positive

Protection from harmful influences, thoughts, and information, are so important when you are trying to heal. Don’t let your internal motor get tired because it’s running at a lower speed. Keep it buzzing at high speed by protecting your thoughts and protecting yourself from harmful information.

At times, I know it’s challenging to keep your attention positive. But if you want to encourage and promote your healing, it is well worth your efforts.

I recently created an E-book that may be beneficial in your healing efforts. It’s called,“How to Make Every Day Your Best Day Ever!” You can download it here.

It’s a great way to start adjusting your thoughts to help you experience more good days than bad. Start protecting yourself by incorporating these 11 practices into your daily routine so you can make every day your best day on your road to healing!

Here is to thinking positive thoughts and healing!

In truth, love, and healing,

Carolyn Harrington

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