The Promises and Lies of Toxic Beauty Care


When you think of beauty products from well-known companies, visions of young beautiful models and starlets can easily come into your mind, or even heavily touched up mature ones. Along with these beautiful images, you’ll receive the stated and unstated promises of good health, youth, vitality, confidence and sensuality. These are the alluring ideas that most cosmetic manufacturers want you to think and feel as you watch their commercials or see their ads in magazines. These are basically the promises and lies of toxic beauty care. These products are nothing more than synthetic soup, designed for profit, not safety.  Natural beauty care on the other hand, is more than just a pantry full of ingredients along with a hippy dippy mentality. It’s a way of life for the more conscious among us, and it’s now becoming available from certain celebrities that work from a different place… their hearts.

As Baby Boomers transition into their later years, they’re clearly seeing past the lies and deception of corporate greed. The destruction of the environment as well as the ill health effects from daily use of toxic products is now unacceptable. As the Baby Boomers ‘wake up’ and choose a more natural lifestyle, the corporate giants have shifted their marketing strategies, but unfortunately, not their ingredients. I encourage you to visit the sites of these larger corporations. You’ll see a lot of talk about sustainability, but what they leave out is a list of the ingredients that they use in their products. You’ll have to actually go to the store to view these ingredients on their product labels (fortunately for us the government does still mandate this kind of labeling).

Celebrities have come and gone in the beauty field, both in-front-of and behind the scenes. Most of them have just ridden the corporate train of deception and made bundles of cash in the process. But there are a few that have actually built businesses from their hearts, bringing products to the market that are substantially more natural than others. Actress/natural health advocate and Baby Boomer, Suzanne Somers, offers one such alternative with her namesake line of beauty care. She fully discloses the ingredients of each product on her website with pride. Suzanne has shown that you can make a difference by teaching the public how to make healthier lifestyle choices and offer actual solutions.

I’m happy to see the younger generation is getting into the mix as well. The Honest Company, created by actress Jessica Alba, is another company that has gained a position in the forefront of the natural beauty movement. On her website she speaks to the fact that it was having her two daughters that inspired her to start her company, which also features natural baby care products. This kind of unselfish love is what should be the bottom line with any forward thinking company. Right now while most of us are waking up to what large corporations have been getting away with, a smart business person will work from their heart, not from a place of greed. There’s too much at stake right now to pollute both people and the planet.

The trend is that todays all-natural beauty products are better than ever! There was a time not that long ago that ‘natural beauty care’ actually did mean mixing up your own potions. But today it’s as easy as going online. Once you find a  few companies that you can trust, ones that work from their hearts, you’ll be able to shop comfortably and confidently. My gratitude goes out to the celebrity women mentioned above. They’ve truly been an inspiration, using their celebrity status for the good of many.

Sharon Houghton
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