Prescription Drug Rehab and Kratom


Prescription drug rehab is big business — and what’s even better from the rehab centers’ viewpoint — there’s a lot of repeat business.

But, when the public wakes up and says, “Whoa, seven times through rehab is enough!”, it’s time for the 900 lb. gorilla to step in and make sure those customers don’t go and make recovery from prescription drug addiction a do-it-yourself project with the herb, kratom.

This seems to be exactly what is going on in the battle — on several fronts — to preserve Big Pharma’s profit margins.

When mothers and dads decide they don’t want the risk of losing their child to vaccine injury — and they try to get a waiver — vaccine “experts” are quick to get articles published in major and smaller media saying everyone should be forced to get their shots, as if these parents are harboring a biological weapon in their home (an un-vaccinated child).

(I never understood how the un-vaccinated could be a danger to those already “immunized”, anyway. But I digress.)

Same deal with the many patients with diseases for which Big Pharma has no cure. When they discover that kratom can not only save them the expense and trouble of going into drug rehab, but can also reportedly replace the many medications that treat the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, MS, Chronic Fatigue, Type-2 Diabetes, and Lyme Disease, they are overjoyed.

The Big Gorilla, however, is NOT amused

Prescription drug rehab is a big money-maker, but, like a lot of things Big Pharma makes big money from, they don’t do a very satisfactory job. In the vernacular of their patients, they SUCK.

The Internet has brought millions of these disgruntled patients together daily. First, they just talked about how unhappy they were with their situation, their pain the medications no longer soothed, and the difficulty of getting medications at all, now that the laws for hydrocodone and other opioid meds have been tightened.

Over time, the smarter and more rebellious patients learned about kratom — and began trying it…and getting excited about it.

Many of those in the chronic pain groups on Facebook and elsewhere were shocked at the thought of using some herb (from a foreign country, even!) to replace the beloved meds they fought so hard to keep in supply. Admins of these groups regularly banned kratom advocates from spreading the word among their flock.

But, because Facebook groups are easy to start and pained Americans are so numerous and Big Pharma’s medications are really not very satisfactory, there were always some pain patients ready to hear the radical gospel of kratom.

My word!” said the big gorilla, we can’t let all these customers jump ship! We must call in the FDA and politicians in every state to make kratom and at-home prescription drug rehab illegal!

So, the appropriate politicians who sit on the committees that matter were called and given their instructions.

Then, the big monkey called up the TV programming directors and asked a little favor.

“Hey, how would you boys and girls like to do a little public service reporting on the dangers of this new drug craze, kratom?

Whad’ya mean, you never heard of it? Just interview a few prescription drug addiction clinic directors and addiction doctors, they’ll give you an earful!”

There Are A Few Points of Drug Addiction History Conveniently Forgotten Here

The addiction epidemic got started when the drug manufacturers requested FDA approval to liberalize the prescription of the strongest opioid narcotics like Oxycodone to average Americans with moderate pain due to back injuries, DDD, Fibromyalgia, etc. They pitched these drugs as having only a small addiction risk.

As the addiction epidemic became evident and thousands died each year, Big Pharma painted the patients as the problem.

I’ve got news for them: When the drug you’re taking exactly as prescribed is as strong as heroin, some people will become addicted!

The CDC stood by, collecting statistics for 14 years, before taking action in the form of a report released on July 3, 2013, when most of the public had their mind on the Fourth of July holiday.

The reported noted that prescription painkiller deaths increased most alarmingly among women from 1999 to 2010 — increasing almost fivefold.

When the people of the USA take 80% of the world’s opioid painkillers, the increase in addiction and in both accidental overdose and suicides should be no surprise.

The Associated Press article I read in the newspaper said, “Some experts said the increase in prescriptions can be traced to pharmaceutical marketing campaigns.”

Wow, do you think this could be true?

Keep in mind the figure of $50,000 that is spent per doctor in the U.S. by the pharmaceutical industry. With incentives of free sample drugs, pens, pads, and coffee cups, plus free lunches and high paying speaking engagements in Hawaii for those who sell the most, we shouldn’t be surprised that many doctors would try to sell more of certain brands and products.

But, of course, Big Pharma will admit no blame until they must settle this in court and pay a small fine for the people their drugs killed.  Let’s not forget the children who had to raise themselves with their parent(s) largely incapacitated by opioid painkillers.

“The progression to heroin as the drug of choice grew out of addiction to prescription opioids, Chillicothe police Capt. Larry Bamfield said.

And so, the story moves from prescribing dangerous and overly powerful addictive painkillers to millions of average Americans who, not surprisingly, become addicted. Many overdose accidentally and die; others go on to replacing prescription drugs with Afghani heroin, which has mysteriously turned up on the U.S. market.

Others heard about kratom — which has a long history of helping addicts easily quit drugs — and now millions of Americans use it safely and with renewed vigor, while getting free from pharmaceutical drugs in general.

But, rather than welcoming these healthy survivors of the Addiction Epidemic, Big Pharma — always hungry for more money — seems to be behind a state-by-state push to ban kratom.

It is ironic that states, which would benefit greatly from a legal, safer, and arguably healthier alternative for millions, would be open to being used by Big Pharma as their enforcer to drive off competition, now that the addiction crisis is winding down.

Now that there’s money to be made in helping those addicted to Big Pharma’s opioids quit them, they don’t want any competition from kratom. The funny thing is, state politicians are eager to pick up the bill for costly, ineffective prescription drug rehab rather than let kratom create jobs in their state.

Breaking News: In the latest twist on the use of kratom for DIY prescription drug rehab and natural health support, the legions of small, inexperienced exporters and easily-panicked importers has led to a moratorium on ALL shipments of kratom from Indonesia. We have received word that the export situation is being defused as you read this.

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