Pregnancy Pillow Buying Guide


Pregnancy is a rewarding experience for most, if not all, women. From the moment of conception, your body will constantly change throughout this wonderful nine-month journey. These changes, however, can be uncomfortable. Many pregnant women experience difficulty in getting a good night’s sleep because of these physical changes, and a regular pillow cannot provide the needed support. This is where the pregnancy pillow comes in.

Benefits of Maternity Pillows

Sleep is a crucial aspect of a person’s well-being, more so for pregnant women. It helps future mothers decompress from the mental and physical challenges that they go through during pregnancy. It also plays a significant role in the developing baby’s health.

However, getting a good night’s sleep is not easy for expectant mothers. The growing belly prevents them from sleeping in a comfortable position, eventually becoming a nightly chore. This adds to the cramping, shortness of breath, kicking baby, and frequent bathroom trips that also cause the sleepless nights. Many expectant mothers have discovered the convenience of using a maternity pillow to alleviate these problems during sleep. These pillows are specifically designed to provide comfort and support on a pregnant woman’s changing body

A pregnancy pillow helps pregnant women position themselves into a comfortable sleeping position and experience a more rejuvenating sleep. Using this product can take away the tossing and turning that expectant mothers often do in order to find that sweet spot. It is important to note that these pillows come in various shape and sizes to accommodate the different needs of pregnant women.

Women in their late pregnancy sleep by laying on the side, and maternity pillows help them feel comfortable sleeping this way. Most of these pillows were ergonomically designed to reduce the stress placed by the growing belly on the shoulders, waist, and neck. Maternity pillows also offer functionality after giving birth by helping mothers nurse their baby in a lying position. Such post-natal support can allow mothers to bond more with their infant.

How to Find the Best Pregnancy Pillow

1. Compare:

As mentioned earlier in this article, pregnancy pillows come in many shapes and sizes. There are many factors to consider before purchasing a maternity pillow. To find the best pregnancy pillow on the market, it is important to make a comparison of all the available options.

2. Removable Covers Are Great:

Some of these pillows have a removable cover. This makes washing the maternity pillow more convenient. In addition, pregnancy pillows come in different fillings. Styrofoam fillings are lightweight and easily adaptable to the body shape, but can be noisy as the body moves around it. Natural fillings, meanwhile, include kapok, wool, and spelt.

3. Aim for Memory Foam:

Polyester fiber fillings are quiet and soft, but their firmness vary on the amount of fillings inserted in the pillow. A memory foam pregnancy pillow, on the other hand, changes in shape as the body presses against it. Lastly, micro-beads are lightweight and quiet, and can make pregnant women feel that there is sand inside.

4. Get the right size!

Sounds a little funny, but you need to consider the size of your bed and the people that sleep in it! If you and your partner are larger-framed adults, and your bed is a queen size, go for a smaller or skinnier pregnancy pillow.

Summing Up

Pregnancy women normally feel sore on areas like the knees, belly, ankles, back, and shoulders. This soreness happens when the delicate areas are left unsupported during sleep. Finding the best pregnancy pillow design can alleviate nearly any discomfort usually felt by future mothers, offering utmost support for a good night’s sleep.



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