Predicting Volcanic Eruptions with the Sun and Electromagnetism


Predicting Volcanic Eruptions with the Sun and Electromagnetism

A connection has been noticed that may help to pinpoint that the Sun may in fact be a major key factor in triggering earthquakes here on Earth.  Work and continuous research done by Suspicious Observers has shown that at the arrival time of a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection), Solar Flare, and even energy from Coronal Holes here on Earth electromagnetic pressure reacts with Earth’s magnetosphere thus contributing to earthquakes felt throughout the planet.  An app is being funded by the group Suspicious Observers, headed by Ben Davidson, in order to verify the correlation between the Sun and earthquakes.


Could this information and thorough research done by Suspicious Observers help to shed light on properly predicting volcanic eruptions?  It is understood that a large earthquake could disproportion stress transfer zones between active volcanoes thus resulting in a volcanic reaction, so could this mean that the Sun in fact also plays a major key factor in triggering volcanic eruptions?  In order to properly predict volcanic eruptions many factors such as the Sun and solar activity as well as electromagnetism will need to be thoroughly understood.


Understanding the Sun

The Sun provides Earth with life.  From hydrogen to oxygen molecules all of life on Earth is the result of the habitable zone our planet is in and the solar particles that enter Earth from space.  It is also well understood that a large Solar Kill Shot from the Sun could destroy all electrical life on Earth thus putting the human race back to the stone age if not properly prepared.  In the mean time though Earth is constantly bombarded with smaller solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CME’s) form the Sun.  This solar activity is commonly seen as the beautiful auroras that can be witnessed in many northern countries.


What mostly protects Earth from harmful cosmic rays is Earth’s magnetosphere.  However, in the last 100 years the magnetosphere has been observed to be rapidly weakening which could expose Earth to more and more harmful cosmic rays and may be a reasonable explanation for the climate change witnessed here on Earth.  As the magnetosphere weakens the magnetic North Pole begins to wander creating a pole shift or a pole flip that will affect every living creature on the planet.  This is a reoccurring event and happens every few thousand years naturally.


Understanding Electromagnetism

Electromagnetism is a combination of both electricity and magnetism.  In space both electricity and magnetism react to one another from all bodies in space and especially during times of planetary chaos e.g. planets merging or becoming too close to one another’s orbits.  A large portion of the scientific community believes that humans on Earth witnessed this electromagnetic phenomenon thousands of years ago and depicted this event in caves throughout the planet as this planetary chaos destroyed much of the life here on Earth.  As time passed modern day archaeologists have been able to piece together the misunderstood knowledge of what are ancestors witnessed and interpreted as god like events.


Today we observe planetary chaos in deep space when galaxies and solar systems merge together.  During this planetary chaos the electromagnetic forces can be seen through a telescope literally resurfacing the face of these planets as quakes, volcanic reactions, and planetary debris collide with one another.


Predicting Volcanic Eruptions

Although properly predicting volcanic eruptions will take some time and much more understanding of unseen forces the importance of doing so will never change.  Many cities, towns, and villages lie in the wake of active volcanoes even to this very day.  Some of these cities, such as Seattle, WA, have a populous of roughly 80,000 people that will be immediately affected by a nearby volcanic eruption from that of either Mt. Rainier or even Mt. St. Helens.


By studying solar activity produced from the Sun and the reaction that solar activity has on the planet at its arrival time than recording earthquakes and other such phenomena at the location of the planet that was facing the Sun at the arrival time of solar activity will help to shed clues to patterns that might be able to be used to predict volcanic eruptions.  Already solar activity is observed in regards to predicting earthquakes when the Sun is Earth facing.  As well as this research in specific regards to predicting earthquakes could be lent to those studying volcanic eruptions in order to better understand the transfer zones between the location of the earthquake and the nearest active volcano.


Just as much as earthquake prediction models could be used to prepare entire populaces and save lives so could too Volcanic Eruption Prediction Models.


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