Powerful Plant Based Detoxification


There are many formulas out there regarding detoxifying the body for purposes of removing heavy metals, spent hormones, dormant viruses, yeast, gallstones and other mineral and plaque deposits and even to rid the body of cancer. There are so many different approaches to this that it is often hard to see which is reliable and which is geared to simply sell a product. Many products use mostly minerals and many are 100% plant based.

Evidence clearly shows plants to be the superior natural source which the body can utilize best for evacuating toxins of any kind.The herbs that work best in combination for this are Dandelion Root, Yellow Dock Root, Burdock Root, Chaparral, Peppermint (or Spearmint) leaves and Slippery Elm boiled and taken as a water based infusion or  “tea” along with a strong tincture of Cilantro.

If you have a natural health food store that sells bulk herbs, get 3 ounces of Dandelion Root and 1 ounce each of Burdock Root, Yellow Dock Root Chaparral Leaves, Mint Leaves and about a teaspoon of Slippery Elm Powder. Just boil this whole combo for about 15 minutes in a gallon of water, turn off the stove and let it set with the herbs in for about 4 hours (or overnight) strain and store in your refrigerator. Drink one 8 ounce cup twice daily.

It is very important to combine this infusion with a tincture based on Cilantro Leaves. The reason the cilantro is taken in a tincture form and not as part of the “tea” is that alcohol extracts the necessary part of the Cilantro that water infusion can not. This provides a way for it to enter the bloodstream quickly without much of the digestive process. This is not the same with all plants as many are best applied to the blood through digestion.

The best combo is made with about 50 percent Cilantro and the rest of the herbs should be the ones that help the kidneys detoxify such as Buchu Leaves, Juniper Berries, Coin Grass and Gravel Root. To make a tincture combo like this make separate tinctures of each, then use 50% cilantro and the other 50% should be an even combo of these kidney-active herbs. This tinctured Cilantro combo mentioned above is taken as 1 teaspoon twice daily along with the “tea” for 1 week.

Tinctures themselves are made easily by using dried cut herbs and filling a jar to the top with them. Next pour good organic vodka or other 40% alcohol to the top of the herbs in the jar and let it set with the lid on for 10-14 days. Pour off through a strainer and bottle it up. Tinctures like this will be good for many years if kept out of light and in containers with tight lids

The Cilantro in this formula is very effective in binding with heavy metals like Mercury and Lead in the whole body including the lungs. Then the toxins are flushed out with the assistance of the other herbs in the “tea”

It is a bit of work to prepare all this but the thorough detoxification your body will receive is well worth the effort. There are, of course, a few purification kits with similar herb tea and tincture formulas as mentioned above which are available commercially (A great one can be found here)  but be sure to check the ingredients. Dandelion, Chaparral, Yellow Dock, Burdock and Cilantro Leaf Tincture are the most important herbs in getting a truly effective plant based herbal detoxification. This is highly recommended if you have worked or been around a lot of toxic chemicals of any kind.

Chris Gussa
Chris Gussa is the Owner, founder and formulator for Plant Cures Incorporated. ( www.plantcures.com ) A family owned business since 1992 handcrafting over one hundred and fifty serious herbal products for specific disorders with over fifty tonic herbal products. People know these formulas work and Plant Cures has never needed to advertise.

Plant Cures Incorporated is here for those who keep their bodies running on what God has provided and for those who do not trust the Pharma/Medical system due to bad experiences or due to just good common sense!

Chris is also an Arizona Cattle Rancher raising grass-fed organically grown black Saler cattle. His small herd is well known for their prolific and gentle black polled Saler bulls.

Chris wrote the best selling book entitled “His Hand Has Provided” – “A Christian Cowboys Guide To Nutrition And Natural Healing With Herbs” It is available at www.plantcures.com as well as all major book stores.