Powerful Antioxidants to Longevity


We all have that old neighbor, relative or friend who seems to defy time and aging despite their inevitability. Is there something they know that we don’t? Could be. Perhaps their secret to longevity is in their genes? Yeah, sounds true (ish). What if I told you a few tweaks in lifestyle could add some years into your life? That’s caught your attention, right? Well, recent studies have shed more light on the role of antioxidants in delaying the aging process. Fasten your seatbelts folks, the train to old town is about to leave the station. Choo Choo!!

  1. Zeolites detoxify your body.

Zeolites are naturally formed mineral combinations (1) found in rock deposits around the world and have been heralded as one of the most potent natural detoxifiers. Our bodies produce molecules called reactive oxygen species during metabolism every day. These guys are basically ‘energy-thieves’ and react with our cell molecules causing serious damage (2) if the body is unable to clear them out adequately. They have been implicated in the development of cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.(3) ‘Whoa!! Who knew oxygen could be this destructive?’ I know. Those were my exact thoughts as I went through the research. There is a silver lining in all these, though, and it’s these bad boys called zeolites. Research has shown that they increase levels of antioxidant enzymes in the blood (4) and prevent misdemeanor in our immune and endocrine systems; effectively playing a role in the prevention and treatment of cancers.(5) By reducing the damage to our cells and protecting us from disease, zeolites help prolong our life spans. Zeolites are available in both liquid-based and solid supplements. Add calcium oxide, and magnesium oxide to the equation and boom, you get body detoxification, removing free radical, increasing body stamina, and improving your overall health, I wrote about it in details here.

Video link: How zeolite works.

  1. Zinc is your knight in shining armor.

There are three kinds of people in this world: carnetarians, vegetarians, and zincetarians. You probably haven’t heard that one, and you’re right. I totally made that up. Ha! On a serious note, though, here is why you should consider zinc-ing up your daily diet. Zinc is an essential trace element, which means we require it in small amounts, but it’s critical for a healthy life. The spectrum of benefits derived from zinc are so immense, books have been written about them. Zinc has amazing properties:

  • necessary for normal fetal growth (6)
  • great antioxidant (7)
  • anti-inflammatory effects (7)
  • boosts your immune system (8)
  • protects your eyes
  • enhances your skin (9)
  • maintains your nerve cells (10)
  • strengthens your muscles
  • accelerates wound-healing (11)
  • slows the aging process (12)
  • vital for your sexual health (13)

And that’s barely scratching the surface!! Foods rich in zinc include seafood (oysters), beef, lamb, pork, chicken, spinach, nuts and even chocolate.  Honestly, when you’re in trouble, just zinc it!!

Video link: Zinc and health

  1. Vitamin C will make you younger every day.

Vitamin C needs no introduction. It’s the godfather of vitamins, and every year vitamins from all over the world travel to its abode to pay homage to its brilliance. Research studies have demonstrated its remarkable role as an antioxidant (14) and its protective function against infections (15), heart disease, hypertension, cancer, osteoarthritis and age-related macular degeneration (16). Vitamin C is indispensable in the synthesis of collagen, which is simply the body’s ‘glue’ that holds our tissues together. Regarding skin health, vitamin C is the quintessential fountain of youth. It prevents photo-aging, treats and restores damaged skin. To cap it all off, almost all vegetables and fruits contain some amount of vitamin C. I mean; it doesn’t get better than this!

Video link: Benefits of Vitamin C

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