The Power of Self-Belief to Reach your Goals


When I was young I went with several of my friends on a hike. Each person had a different attitude toward being there in the first place.

One very young girl who was so small she has a hard time carrying her backpack at all, let alone when scaling a massive mesa.

Another girl who was several years older, and much larger and able bodied than the first, did not make our hike easy.

She complained the entire time and focused so much energy on how she ‘couldn’t make it’, that I actually believed her and thought we would stay in the same spot forever.

The younger, smaller girl focused absolutely no energy on the negative aspects of the hike, and never once uttered the words “I can’t do this”.

She pointed out beautiful flowers, and took small breaks as she needed them without a complaint.

She truly believed that she would get to the top of that mesa, even if it was monumentally difficult for her.

Never once did I doubt this young girl’s ability to hike to the top of the mesa, and in fact, she was the first to reach the summit. Can you guess who was last?

The power of self-belief is an incomparable tool for success.

Why is there such a benefit to simply believing you can do something and then putting in the effort?

And why do so many of us focus on what we want to avoid, rather than what we positively want?

According to an article titled Why You Need Self Belief published by Symmetry Gym, “If you’re so focused on trying to avoid failure, then what happens is that you end up working to reach that point. It becomes a negative self-fulfilling prophecy. So by cultivating the right habits, you frame things in a way that enables you to visualize success, for not just yourself, but for others to take note and draw inspiration from.”

No matter what aspect of your life needs more positivity, actually knowing that you can successfully do something has the power to determine the results that follow. Even in the medical industry, patients who have hope and believe that they will overcome the ailments that they face are much more likely to do so and make a full recovery.

A large problem that people have when trying to be positive is that their minds are so used to being in a negative state. They’re basically trained in negativity, and therefore resort to the worst case scenario more often than not, and resistant to any type of positive message because it is outside the norm.

Fortunately, there are many different techniques that can be used to incorporate the desired state of positivity into your life.

One of them is NLP’s Accessing and Anchoring States.

In order to do this, you simply imagine being in your desired state of mind, and map out that thought.

What do you see?
How do you feel?
What else is significant about this state that you’d like to incorporate into your present state of being?

Once you have the answers, do something small like touch your elbow, or rub your hands together as you picture this thought. Doing this will lock it in, and make it easy to trigger and access this state in the future when you really need it.

When you need to access your desired state, fire away! Rub those hands together, and feel the intensity of the desired state wash over you, and the watch the negative state being stripped away from your being.

Being able to mold your thoughts, and therefore your actions from negative to positive takes work and persistence, but with such a large pay-off it is completely worth it.


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