The Potential Risk Factors of Drinking Green Tea While On Certain Medications


You all know that green tea is one of the healthiest beverages that you could possibly drink, but daily consumption of this beverage could actually cause particular medication from not working properly and causing you many health problems.

One in particular is unbalanced blood pressure levels. It sounds a bit odd since you have been told for so long that drinking green tea can actually lower blood pressure levels by relieving stress and providing you with a healthy dose of antioxidants, which it still can, but just as long as your not on particular medications such as allergy or blood pressure kinds.

What type of allergy medication does green tea effect?

Allergy medications that contain fexofenadine are less effective when you drink green tea. This is because green tea is a natural detoxifier and sees the medication as a potent toxin to the body. Due to this reason alone, the body immediately puts out a responds that signals it to flush the drug out of the system through the kidneys. When this occurs, the medicine becomes less effective at controlling your allergies. Even though, drinking green tea is suppose to help with reducing allergy symptoms, it might not be a good idea to drink while taking fexofenadine medications.

What type of blood pressure medication does green tea effect?

As mentioned, green tea causes some blood pressure medications to become less effective. One drug in particular it seems to interact with most is nadolol. Green tea prevents this drug from entering the bloodstream, which cause anyone with blood pressure issues to suffer from extremely high or low blood pressure levels. This is because the chemicals in green tea blood the chemicals in the drug.

If you are suffering from blood pressure issues and are taking medications, it is best to skip this pleasantly tasting healthy beverage and sip on another kind that is safe to take with your medication and condition. In fact, people with rapid heart beat or other heart conditions should stay away from green tea since it does contain caffeine, which could worse your current health condition.

What other types of medications does green tea interact with?

Other types of medications green tea tends to interact with are depression and thyroid medications, and drugs that contain fluvoxamine, mexiletine and clozapine. Many depression and thyroid medications are stimulants. Green tea alone is a stimulant. Combining stimulants with stimulants can cause behavioral issues, blood pressure problems and heart complications. It is never wise to drinking a stimulating beverage while on stimulating medications.

Bottom Line for Green Tea Interactions

If you are suffering from a certain health condition and are taking particular medications to help control it, it is best to speak with a doctor first before drinking green tea. The doctor should be able to tell you if green tea will interact with the medications, you are on or with your current medical state. If the doctor does not know talk with an herbalist or nutritionist and see if they can help you.

However, if you are healthy as a horse, keep drinking the nourishing beverage. It will help keep your heart healthy and will help reduce allergy and cold symptoms. It may even help with natural cancer prevention too. Just remember, it is always wise to ask for advice from a professional if you are unsure if a medicine, supplement, wellness drink or particular food could cause a health condition to worse or stop a medication from working. Knowing this kind of information could save your life and help you live a long happy one with your love ones.


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