Pope Francis Gives Thumbs Up to Public Breastfeeding!


The Pope gives all nursing moms thumbs up on public breastfeeding! Wow, how refreshing is that.  I have always been completely confused by the fuss and outright restriction about a woman feeding her child the way nature intended.  Why is it perfectly okay for me to have to be inundated with breasts literally hanging out of a woman’s shirt in the immodest dress of today but not okay for a woman to breastfeed in public?   The Pope recently saw a mother standing behind the public barriers at the Vatican, holding a baby who had begun to cry. “He said to her: madam, I think the child’s hungry. ‘Yes, it’s probably time…’ she replied. ‘Please give it something to eat!’ He said. She was shy and didn’t want to breastfeed in public, while the Pope was passing,” he revealed in an interview, released over the weekend. “I wish to say the same to humanity: Give people something to eat! That woman had milk to give to her child; we have enough food in the world to feed everyone.”

This certainly felt like a victory to nursing moms that have been criticized and even thrown out of public places for breastfeeding.  Twitter was lighting up with lots of possible Tweets about this latest kind gesture of the Pope’s.

Regardless of whether or not you approve of public breastfeeding, no one can argue with the fact that it is the best form of nutrition for the child not to mention extremely cost-effective (free) with an unlimited supply.  So tops off to all you nursing moms and congratulations!

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